Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all PSA holiday home bookings to ensure PSA members, their families and friends have an enjoyable holiday.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings made from 1 April 2017

  1. We prefer that the member that has booked the holiday home is in residence in the holiday home during the period of occupancy.
  2. The member who made the booking is ultimately responsible for compliance with these terms and conditions, whether they are in occupancy or not, and that member is also responsible for any damage or degradation (whether accidental or willful) and/or loss incurred by PSA as a result of the occupancy, including any collection costs or charges incurred for the recovery of any outstanding amount as may subsequently be incurred or charged including the unit daily rate for the period the unit remains unusable. 
  3. Check in time is from 12:00 noon on the scheduled date of arrival and members must check out of the unit by 10:00 a.m. on the scheduled date of departure.  Members are responsible for collecting and returning the key to the lock box or to the key holder.
  4. Members are responsible for ensuring that the holiday home they occupy is clean and tidy when they vacate.  A cleaning service is available in all locations for a nominal fee.  This service is arranged directly with the caretakers.
  5. Members are required to take their own sheets, pillowcases, towels, bathmats, hand towels and tea towels. Failing to do this and sleeping directly on duvets or mattress protectors will incur further costs.
  6. Members should respect all PSA property and report any damage or breakages to the caretaker as soon as possible.
  7. All PSA holiday homes are strictly NO Smoking. Some locations have designated smoking areas. The caretaker reserves the right to ask occupants to leave if this requirement is breached.
  8. All PSA holiday homes, buildings and properties are animal-free zones.  Any member wishing to bring a working assistance dog (Guide and Hearing Assistance dogs) should contact the PSA to arrange at the time of booking. Pets, livestock or caged birds are not permitted on the properties, including the grounds and/or left in vehicles, at all times. Stray animals must not be fed or encouraged at any of our properties.
  9. Members are asked not to exceed the specified number of people per unit.  To do so is a breach of the fire regulations and unfair to members staying in the other units. The caretaker reserves the right to ask occupants to leave if this requirement is breached.
  10. Members are responsible for the supervision and behaviour of children, guests and family members who may occupy or be visiting the units. Consideration needs to be shown to neighbouring units and houses.
  11. Parties and large gatherings are not permitted under any circumstances. The caretaker reserves the right to ask occupants to leave if this requirement is breached.
  12. Disrespect shown to any of our caretakers, key holders or other members, family and friends is not tolerated.  The caretaker reserves the right to ask occupants to leave if this requirement is breached.   It also can result in a member being banned from the use of holiday homes in the future. 
  13. PSA takes no responsibility for members’ vehicles and personal effects or those of visitors during the period of occupancy. 
  14. PSA will provide up to date local emergency contact information on the noticeboards in every unit.
  15. Members are required to comply with the fire alarm and earthquake reporting and evacuation procedures that are located in each unit. Members are required to provide their own earthquake supplies, such as water, in case of an emergency.
  16. Every endeavour will be made to return any belongings left in the holiday homes. Any unclaimed items will be held for 3 months and then given to our chosen charity. 
  17. Payment is required:
    1. One month before occupancy if the booking is made more than one month before occupancy.
    2. Within ten working days before the first day of occupancy if the booking is made less than 30 days before occupancy.
    3. Immediately for bookings made within 10 days of occupancy. 

      If payment has not been received when due, PSA reserves the right to cancel the booking without notice to allow another member the opportunity to book.
  18. A cancellation fee equal to one day’s rental will apply:
    1. In the event that notice of cancellation is received less than ten working days before the first day of occupancy. 
    2. If payment has not been made, the member is still liable for the cancellation fee. 

      If notice of cancellation is received ten working days or more before the first day of occupancy a full refund will be made. 
  19. During peak periods such as school and public holidays, a maximum of 7 nights in a maximum of one unit can be booked by a member.
  20. During off-peak periods there is no limit to the number of nights booked by a member in a maximum of two units. 
  21. Due to the demand for the summer school holiday period we run a ballot/allocation exercise to make the allocation as fair as possible to all members.  The ballot closes in August each year.
  22. The PSA reserves the right to ask you or your guests to leave the unit and remove your belongings from the unit immediately if we, in our sole opinion, deem that you have used the unit in an irresponsible manner or in a manner that will compromise the safety of, or cause damage and/or harm to the unit, other members or guests, the caretaker, any other person, or the reputation of the PSA Holiday Homes without any compensation and/or any reimbursement to you. 

Please contact the caretaker immediately if you believe any of these terms and conditions have been breached.

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