Covid-19 Terms & Conditions of Occupancy

As at 15 December 2021

The PSA holiday home team pride ourselves in looking after members, families, caretakers and local communities. Our top priority is health and safety.

We have completed a risk assessment of the PSA holiday homes and we have also considered operations under the new ‘traffic light’ framework.

The following are the COVID 19 Terms and Conditions of occupancy while attending any of PSA Holiday Home locations.


1. VACCINATION:  (Bookings from 1 February 2022)

All eligible occupants of the Holiday Homes must be fully vaccinated or hold an exemption at the time of their stay.  Our caretakers will be performing spot checks.  If it is found that someone within a unit is in breach of this condition, the member who booked the unit will be banned for a 2-year period and will be charged the deep cleaning of the unit.


Do not travel if you have been; requested to self-isolate, have symptoms of COVID-19 or you are awaiting a COVID-19 test result.

3. SCAN:

Scan the QR code in your unit daily during your stay.

4. MASK: 

We encourage the use of masks (12+) while outside your unit – especially if other members and guests are present.  Please maintain a physical distance of 1 metre from other members if they are not known to you.  

5. UNITS: 

Limit movement between units. 


Physical distance of 1 metre is required.


Physical distance of 1 metre is required.


Practice good hygiene by washing hands often.


Please do extra cleaning and disinfecting of your unit before departure.

10. BE KIND: 

Any anti-social behaviour onsite will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the property without a refund.