Summer Holiday Ballot - 2020/2021 Ballot opens 1 May 2020

The PSA wants as many members as possible to enjoy the benefit of our holiday homes during the summer school holidays. Each year we run a ballot to make sure all members have an equal chance of securing a booking during this busy time.

How it works:

  • Ballot dates are Friday 18 December 2020 to Sunday 31 January 2021.
  • The Ballot is open from 8.30am Friday 1 May 2020 through to 5.00pm Friday 7 August 2020.
  • You must enter the ballot online - click on the "Summer Holiday Ballot" button on the right after 1 May 2020.
  • An entry button will also appear in the May, June and July newsletters.
  • All ballot entries are randomly drawn for each holiday home location, date and number of people.
  • The results will be emailed out by the end of August 2020.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $50 will be required within 10 working days from the date you are advised of your successful entry or your booking will be cancelled and given to an unsuccessful member.
  • Full payment is required by 5:00pm Friday 2 October 2020 or your booking will be cancelled and given to an unsuccessful member.

Ballot entry rules:

  • You must be a full PSA Member or PSA Associate Member to enter.
  • Only enter is you are seriously considering a holiday during this period.
  • One entry per member but the entry can include multiple locations.  If you make multiple entries we will go by the latest one only.
  • One unit per member to a maximum of 7 nights.
  • Please note the maximum each unit/location will sleep - all members requesting more than the location will sleep will be removed.
  • Payments must be made before deadlines or bookings will be cancelled.
  • The successful member must be staying in the unit and hold a form of ID – this will be policed by our caretakers.