Why Join?

A union is an organisation which builds collective workplace strength and empowers its members to create a better working life.

Unions help workers to support each other in the workplace, and negotiate for improvements to working conditions, so that employees don't have to face problems on their own. When workers act together, they have strength and safety in numbers and a better chance at getting what they need at work.

Unions such as the PSA bargain with employers for collective employment agreements, as well as helping employees by providing information and advice about work-related issues.

The PSA is democratically run by our members. Members elect union representatives (delegates) within their workplace to represent them and help the PSA make decisions on things such as how the union is run and what to focus on during negotiations with employers.

Why the PSA?

What the PSA can offer you specifically may vary based on what sector you're working in, and sometimes even down to what enterprise you work for.

Some of the overall benefits of being a member include:

  • Our size - the PSA is New Zealand’s largest union, and that means we have better support and more resources to work together to achieve our goals.
  • PSA Plus - an expanded range of travel and lifestyle benefits, including holiday homes and special discounts.
  • Our networks - joining a PSA network connects you to other members with similar interests or issues across the union. Networks are self-managing and host a range of events, training opportunities, conferences and regular communications.
  • Our delegate structurePSA delegates play an important role in building the union’s influence at work, whether it’s to do with improving pay and conditions or giving members a collective voice in the decisions that affect their work.

To find out more about sector-specific benefits, check out your sector benefits.  To find out more about any enterprise-specific benefits, contact your local delegate. 

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