Why Join?

There are many reasons to join New Zealand's strongest union. Here are some of them:

1. You're in a stronger bargaining position

Highly unionised workplaces are able to negotiate better pay.


2. You have a bigger say in decisions at work

The PSA has partnership agreements with many employers that give PSA members more say in decisions at work.


3. You are more likely to be treated equally

The PSA has led the way in the campaign to bring women's pay and employment into line with men's.


4. You have the protection from unfair treatment

You have somewhere to turn if things go wrong at work and you need legal advice and other support.


5. You get a better work-life balance

The PSA wins better leave provisions from employers. We also negotiate more flexible hours that recognise people's commitments outside work.


6. You are taking a stand for strong, professional public services

The PSA has been around for 100 years. PSA members have helped to make New Zealand's public sector something to be proud of.


7. You get greater security during times of change

The PSA negotiates procedures and guarantees to give members a greater security than undergoing restructuring and other change.


8. You and your family can enjoy affordable holidays

The PSA has affordable holiday homes for you to use in seven locations around New Zealand.


9. You are better informed

PSA forums and resources give you a chance to be active in discussions about public services.


10. You are helping to build a more collegial workplace

Some management practices can divide workplaces. The PSA always seeks to build unity and a collaborative workplace.


11. You are helped to save for your retirement

The PSA won the State Sector Retirement Savings Scheme; this was quickly followed by KiwiSaver. Now everyone can join an employer-subsidised scheme.


12. You are part of a national network for decent pay and conditions

The PSA joins the Council of Trade Unions (CTU) to promote a high-wage and high-skill economy.


Why I joined the PSA

Watch the video to find out why one PSA member joined our union: