Sector benefits

The Public Service Association covers workers in the public service, the state sector, community public services, local government and district health boards - here's why you should join us.

As a member of the PSA, you will belong to one of five sectors:

  • Public Service - comprising all public service and non-public service departments, and offices of parliament
  • State Sector - comprising crown entities; state owned enterprises; Public Finance Act 4th Schedule organisations; any private organisation engaging in commercial activities, including those that were previously provided by the state; and any wholly or partially owned subsidiary entities or joint ventures of the above organisations
  • District Health Boards - DHBs or any publicly owned organisation established to replace the district health boards, and any wholly or partially owned subsidiary entities or joint ventures of the district health boards
  • Local Government - including all local authorities and council controlled organisations, and any other wholly or partially owned subsidiary entities or joint ventures of local authorities.
  • Community Public Services - comprising:
    i) non-governmental, not-for-profit, self-governing, voluntary organisations delivering a range of services in the community, including public services funded fully or partially by the state or local government;
    ii) private, for-profit organisations delivering community-based public services funded fully or partially by the state or local government.

Sectors are central to the PSA’s democratic structure, as they provide the connection between members in enterprises and the executive board.

These sectors and their associated structures are a key part of the way the PSA functions. Each one of these sectors has its own committee and is represented on the PSA board. A “sector committee” means a committee of members within a sector established in accordance with the PSA Rules.

Select a sector from the tabs below to find out more the work of the PSA in your sector.

Representing over 25,000 members across almost 40 agencies within the sector, the PSA is the union for public service workers. 

Thinking of joining the PSA? You can download our Public Service sector membership form here for more information.

If you've joined the public service, you're delivering to the citizens of New Zealand. 

What the PSA can do for you

  • The PSA has influence with government
  • We support members across the public service through any major sector reforms, for example through the Criminal Justice Reform and the Welfare Expert Advisory Group.
  • Strong delegate support structure with over 1250 delegates across the public service sector

Big Wins

  • An historic pay equity settlement for social workers at Oranga Tamariki was reached after years of negotiation in September 2018. Find out more here.
  • PSA Māori members at the Ministry of Social Development signed an historic engagement agreement, based on Te Ao Māori and the principles of Ngā Kaupapa. Find out more here.
  • Living wage for public servants. Find out more here.

Priorities and Campaigns

  • Equal Pay is an overall PSA priority. Within the Public Service, the gender pay gap is currently at 14.1%. 
  • Following the successful Where's The Justice bargaining campaign, the Ministry of Justice has kicked of the new Making It Safe campaign, focusing on health and safety for MoJ members.
  • Health and safety and wellbeing
  • Working with government
  • 2018 saw industrial action at MOJ and IRD

Public Service in PSA Media

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Public Service Enterprises

Are you part of the public service sector? See below for a list of public service enterprises covered by the PSA. 

  • Controller and Auditor General
  • Crown Law Office
  • Department of Conservation (DOC)
  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Internal Affairs
  • Department of the PM and Cabinet
  • Education Review Office
  • Government Communications Security Bureau
  • Inland Revenue
  • Land Information New Zealand
  • Madison Recruitment
  • Manatu Taonga - Ministry For Culture and Heritage
  • Ministry for Pacific Peoples
  • Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Ministry for the Environment
  • Ministry for Women
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Transport
  • MSD and Oranga Tamariki
  • NZ Customs Service
  • NZ Defence Force
  • NZ Police
  • NZ Treasury
  • Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives
  • Oranga Tamariki
  • PAE NZ Ltd
  • Parliamentary Counsel Office
  • Parliamentary Service
  • Self Employed PS
  • Social Investment Agency
  • State Services Commission
  • Statistics NZ
  • Te Puni Kokiri

The State Sector covers our members working in the wider state services, for example in crown research institutes, state owned enterprises, or private companies formerly owned by the State.

Thinking of joining the PSA? You can download our State Sector membership form here for more information.

Representing over 8,000 members, the State Sector covers our members working in the wider state services, for example in crown research institutes, state owned enterprises, or private companies formerly owned by the State.

What the PSA can do for you

Within the State Sector, the PSA has helped members by bargaining for fair pay, healthy work environments, better commitments to training and career development, effective and high trust workplaces, and inclusive workplace cultures. 

Priorities and Campaigns

  • The PSA was strongly involved in the launch of the Gender Pay Principles for the State Sector, with the aim of ensuring working environments in the State Sector are free from gender based inequalities.
  • Transforming our Workplaces, Whakahoungia wāhi mahi tātou is the PSA's strategy to build a better working life for members.

The State Sector in PSA Media

Long-overdue state sector reform needs to deliver for Aotearoa

"Refreshing" approach to CEO pay good news for the state sector

PSA supports call for restored RNZ funding

State Sector Enterprises

Are you part of the State Sector? See below for a list of State Sector enterprises covered by the PSA. 

  • ACC                       
  • Adecco Personnel Ltd                    
  • ADInstruments Ltd                         
  • AgResearch Limited                       
  • Airways Corporation                      
  • Alpha Recruitment Agency                         
  • Alpine Energy Limited                   
  • Antarctica New Zealand               
  • Areva T&D New Zealand Ltd                       
  • Armourguard Security NZ                            
  • AsureQuality                     
  • AsureQuality Meat Inspectors                   
  • Auckland Meat Processors Limited                          
  • Aviation Security Service                              
  • Babcock NZ Ltd                
  • BCITO                   
  • British High Commission                              
  • BT Mining Limited                           
  • Building Research Association NZ                             
  • Callaghan Innovation                     
  • Cawthron Institute                         
  • Central Environmental Laboratory Ltd                    
  • Century Drilling and Energy Services (NZ) Ltd                      
  • Christchurch International Airport Limited                           
  • Christchurch International Airport Rescue Fire                   
  • City Rail Link Ltd                              
  • Civil Aviation Authority                 
  • Commerce Commission               
  • Commission for Financial Capability                        
  • Conneq Infrastructure NZ Ltd                     
  • Connetics Ltd                    
  • Consumer NZ                    
  • Contact Energy Limited                 
  • Creative NZ                        
  • Crown Forestry Rental Trust                       
  • Delta Utility Services Limited                      
  • Downer NZ Ltd                 
  • Dunedin International Airport                    
  • Earthquake Commission                              
  • Education New Zealand                
  • Education Payroll Limited                            
  • Electoral Commission                    
  • Electricity Ashburton Ltd                              
  • Electricity Authority                       
  • ElectroNet                         
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority                     
  • Enviro Mark Solutions                   
  • Environmental Protection Authority                       
  • Environmental Science and Research Ltd                              
  • Envirowaste Services LTD                             
  • Eurofins ELS Limited                       
  • Eurofins NZ Laboratory Services Ltd                        
  • Fairway Resolution Service                         
  • Figure NZ                            
  • Film and Video Labelling Body Inc                            
  • Financial Markets Authority                       
  • Fire and Emergency NZ                 
  • Fonterra Research Centre Ltd                    
  • GasNet Limited                
  • GHD Limited                      
  • Global Proficiency                           
  • GNS Science                      
  • Gribbles Veterinary Pathology                   
  • Hair And Beauty Industry Training Organisation                 
  • Health & Disability Commissioner                            
  • Health Promotion Agency                           
  • Health Quality & Safety Commission                      
  • Heritage New Zealand                  
  • Hewlett Packard NZ Ltd (ex EDS)                               
  • Housing New Zealand Corporation                          
  • Human Rights Commission                         
  • IAG NZ Ltd                          
  • Independent Police Conduct Authority                  
  • Invercargill Airport Fire Rescue                 
  • Knox College and Salmond College Incorporated               
  • Kordia                  
  • Landcare Research                         
  • Landcorp Farming Limited                           
  • Law Commission                             
  • Lincoln University                           
  • Lockheed Martin Global Inc                        
  • Maritime New Zealand                 
  • Marlborough Lines Limited                         
  • Massey University                          
  • Master Roads & Services Limited                              
  • Medlab Central Limited                
  • Meridian Energy Limited                              
  • Meteorological Service of NZ Ltd                              
  • Mighty River Power                       
  • National Inst of Water and Atmospheric Res                       
  • Natural History NZ                          
  • Network For Learning Limited                    
  • New Zealand Film Commission                  
  • New Zealand Lotteries Commission                         
  • New Zealand Qualifications Authority                    
  • Northpower                      
  • NZ Artificial Limb Service                             
  • NZ Blood Service                             
  • NZ Fish & Game Council               
  • NZ Productivity Commission                       
  • NZ Resuscitation Council                              
  • NZ School Trustees Association                 
  • NZ Trade and Enterprise                              
  • NZ Transport Agency                     
  • NZ Veterinary Pathology IDEXX                 
  • NZ Walking Access Commission                
  • OCS Ltd               
  • Office of Film and Lit Classification                           
  • Office of the Commissioner for Children                
  • Office of the Ombudsman                           
  • Office of the Privacy Commissioner                         
  • Open Polytechnic of New Zealand                           
  • Opus International Consultants Ltd                          
  • Orion NZ Ltd                      
  • OSPRI New Zealand                        
  • Pacific Trade Invest NZ                  
  • Park Road Post Productions Limited                        
  • Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment                           
  • Parsons Brinckerhoff                     
  • Pharmac                             
  • Plant and Food Research                             
  • Powerco Ltd                      
  • Public Trust                        
  • Quotable Value New Zealand                     
  • Radio Network of New Zealand                 
  • Radio New Zealand                        
  • Real Estate Agents Authority                      
  • Salmat Salesforce NZ Ltd                              
  • Scion                                                 
  • Serco NZ                             
  • SGS NZ Ltd                         
  • Simply Security Ltd                         
  • Skills4Work                        
  • Smiths City                         
  • Social Workers Registration Board                           
  • Special Education School Transport Assistance                   
  • Special Residential Schools and Colleges               
  • Spotless Services (NZ) Ltd                            
  • Superu                
  • Tamaki Regeneration Company                
  • Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori                    
  • Te Tumu Paeroa                              
  • Teachers Refresher Course Committee Inc.                         
  • Teaching Council                             
  • Telarc Ltd                           
  • Television New Zealand Limited                
  • Tertiary Education Commission                 
  • The Best Practice Advocacy Centre New Zealand               
  • The Skills Organisation                  
  • Top Energy Ltd                 
  • Tourism New Zealand                   
  • Tower Corporation of NZ Limited                             
  • Transfield Services New Zealand Limited               
  • Transport Accident Investigation Commission                    
  • Transpower NZ Limited                 
  • TrustPower Limited                        
  • Turanga Ararau                
  • Unison Networks Limited                            
  • Unitec Institute of Technology Auckland               
  • University of Auckland                  
  • University of Canterbury                              
  • University of Otago                        
  • University of Waikato                    
  • Utilities Disputes                             
  • Vehicle Testing New Zealand Ltd                              
  • Victoria University of Wellington                              
  • Workers Education Trust                              
  • Workforce Development Limited                             
  • WorkSafe NZ

Representing over 10,000 CPS members, the PSA recognises that CPS is an underfunded sector, with a history of insecure work and a predominantly low paid female workforce. 

Thinking of joining the PSA? You can download our Community Public Service sector membership form here for more information.

What the PSA can do for you

The PSA has been actively working to improve conditions for CPS workers with bargaining priorities focusing on equal pay, secure work, career development, and personalised workplaces. The PSA is also dedicated to closing the gender pay gap by 2024.

Recent developments

The PSA is proud to have made recent developments in the CPS sector including the settlement of the ‘in between travel case’ ensuring home and community support workers are paid for the time spent traveling between clients houses, and successfully extending a ground-breaking care and support worker equal pay settlement to cover workers in mental health and addiction support.

Bargaining priorities

  • Equal pay, fair pay, and secure work
  • Leave
  • Career development
  • Personalised workplaces
  • Effective and high trust workplace
  • Healthy and safe workplaces
  • Union rights

Representing over 8,000 members, the PSA is the largest union in the Local Government sector.

Thinking of joining the PSA? You can download our Local Government sector membership form here for more information.

What the PSA can do for you

The PSA is actively involved in multiple campaigns representing the rights of our members across Local Government, with focuses on equal pay and the living wage.

Priorities and Campaigns

  • The Living Wage - The PSA’s involvement was integral in making Wellington City Council the first accredited living wage employer within the local authorities. The PSA will continue to work towards getting all councils accredited living wage employers.
  • Equal Pay - The PSA is fighting for equal pay for all Local Government members, starting with the lodging of an equal pay claim for library assistants.
  • As the largest union in Local Government, the PSA is engaged in high level conversations around the local authorities, with regular meetings with the New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) and Local Government NZ (LGNZ)
  • The strong delegate and organiser structure offers support for all members. For example, with a number of employment legislation changes taking place, our delegates and organisers are available to help you understand any changes that may affect you.

Local Government in PSA Media

Come on Tauranga Council - pay your staff a Living Wage

The unsung heroes of local government

Porirua City Council needs to keep up momentum towards a Living Wage

Library restructure brings disruption and innovation

Local Government Enterprises

Are you part of the Local Government Sector? See below for a list of Local Government enterprises covered by the PSA

  • Ashburton District Council
  • Auckland Council
  • Auckland Property Ltd
  • Auckland Regional Facilities
  • Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development
  • Auckland Transport
  • Auckland War Memorial Museum
  • Bay of Plenty Regional Council
  • Carterton District Council
  • Central Hawkes Bay District Council
  • Central Otago District Council
  • Christchurch City Council
  • Citilab Holdings Ltd
  • City Care
  • Destination Great Lake Taupo
  • Dunedin City Council
  • Environment Canterbury Regional Council
  • Environment Southland
  • Experience Wellington
  • Far North District Council
  • Far North Safer Community Council
  • Gisborne District Council
  • Gore District Council
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Grey District Council
  • Hamilton City Council
  • Hastings District Council
  • Hauraki District Council
  • Hawkes Bay Regional Council
  • Horizons Regional Council
  • Horowhenua District Council
  • Hurunui District Council
  • Hutt City Council
  • Infracon Central HB
  • Invercargill City Council
  • Kaipara District Council
  • Kapiti Coast District Council
  • Kawerau District Council
  • Mackenzie District Council
  • Manawatu District Council
  • Manawatu-Wanganui Local Authority Shared Services Ltd
  • Marlborough District Council
  • Masterton District Council
  • Matamata-Piako District Council
  • Napier City Council
  • Nelson City Council
  • New Plymouth District Council
  • Northland Regional Council
  • Opotiki District Council
  • Otago Museum Trust Board
  • Otago Regional Council
  • Otorohanga District Council
  • Palmerston North City Council
  • Panuku Development Auckland
  • Porirua City Council
  • Queenstown Airport Corporation Limited
  • Queenstown Lakes District Council
  • Rangitikei District Council
  • Red Bus Ltd
  • Rotorua Lakes Council
  • Ruapehu District Council
  • Selwyn District Council
  • Sicon Ltd
  • South Taranaki District Council
  • South Waikato District Council
  • South Wairarapa District Council
  • Southland District Council
  • Stratford District Council
  • Tairawhiti Museum
  • Tamaki Recreation Centre
  • Taranaki Regional Council
  • Tararua District Council
  • Tasman Bays Heritage Trust
  • Tasman District Council
  • Taupo District Council
  • Tauranga City Council
  • Te Manawa Museums Trust
  • Thames-Coromandel District Council
  • Timaru District Council
  • Tourism Waitaki
  • Upper Hutt City Council
  • Vector Limited
  • Waikato District Council
  • Waikato Regional Council
  • Waimakariri District Council
  • Waimate District Council
  • Waipa District Council
  • Waipu Centennial Trust
  • Wairoa District Council
  • Waitaki District Council
  • Waitomo District Council
  • Watercare Services Ltd
  • Wellington City Council
  • Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency
  • Wellington Venues Ltd
  • Wellington Water Limited
  • Wellington Zoo
  • West Coast Regional Council
  • Western Bay of Plenty District Council
  • Whakatane District Council
  • Whanganui District Council
  • Whanganui Regional Museum
  • Whangarei District Council

The PSA organises on behalf of 20,000 DHB members for good and rewarding careers that reflect the value we place on public health services and the people who provide them, with focuses on equal pay and workplace health and safety. With over 800 delegates across the sector, DHB members are supported by a strong delegate structure.

Thinking of joining the PSA? You can download our Health Sector membership form here for more information.

Big Wins

  • Admin/Clerical -After over a year of negotiations, stop-work meetings with record turnout in every location, and an overwhelming vote in favour of industrial action if negotiations could not progress in a way similar to other DHB groups, both the Northern and Lower North Island DHBs have reached settlements. The new MECA has been successfully ratified for the Northern Region, and the bargaining process has begun for South Island and Mid Central North Island regions. 
  • Safe and effective care for Mental Health and Public Health Nurses – The PSA bargaining team secured a landmark offer of improved pay and conditions for more than 3000 Mental Health and Public Health nurses in October 2018. Significant new clauses included guaranteeing a minimum number of staff members per ward or workplace to provide safe and effective care to patients. 
  • 2018 Bargaining Settlements - 2018 was a big year for the DHB sector, with the successful settlement of a Mental and Public Health Nurses MECA and an Allied, Public Health and Technical (APHT) MECA.

Campaigns and Priorities

  • Equal pay – Nearly 5,000 PSA members working in DHBs endorsed an Equal Pay claim for DHB Admin and Clerical workers. A petition in support of the claim was presented to Parliament in April 2019 with over 12,500 signatures.
    • Meanwhile, the PSA and the New Zealand Nurses Organisation have finalized terms of reference for the Mental Health and Public Health Nursing equal pay claim and will be seeking nominations for members to participate in the claim's process.
    • The PSA has also had initial meetings with DHBs regarding the Allied Public Health and Technical equal pay claim.
    • Equal Pay Christmas carols in the park: DHB administration workers and equal pay advocates from around New Zealand entertained the public at Wellington's Midland Park during a December 2018 lunhctime, with a specially crafted set of Equal Pay Christmas carols.

DHB Enterprises

See below for a list of DHB enterprises covered by the PSA.

DHBs Other Enterprises and Subsidiaries
Auckland District Health Board Health Alliance
Bay of Plenty District Health Board Labtests Auckland Limited
Canterbury District Health Board National Screening Unit
Capital and Coast District Health Board Northern Regional Alliance Limited
Counties Manukau District Health Board NZ Blood Service
Hauora Tairawhiti District Health Board SC Labs
Hawkes Bay District Health Board Technical Advisory Services
Hutt Valley District Health Board  
Lakes District Health Board  
MidCentral District Health Board  
Nelson Marlborough District Health Board  
Northland District Health Board  
South Canterbury District Health Board  
Southern District Health Board  
Taranaki District Health Board  
Waikato District Health Board  
Wairarapa District Health Board  
Waitemata District Health Board  
West Coast District Health Board  
Whanganui District Health Board