Student Membership FAQ

There really is no catch! There are no obligations, no costs, and you can resign at any time. Actually, there is one catch. We want you to be a part of the union. The more people we have on board - the more influence we all have.

We know it’s a struggle getting by as a student and we don’t want you living off 2-minute noodles just because you want to join an active union before your career gets underway. So, we made PSA membership for students FREE.

Full-time tertiary students studying towards or interested in work in the public or community sectors.

• School students
• Students in paid work in organisations covered by the PSA.

Free student membership is for full-time students considering working in public service departments, government agencies, local government, crown research institutes, state-owned enterprises, community organisations that deliver public services, and hospital workers in mental health, allied health, technical and administration.

Join the networks to fight for your issues, like our Facebook pages to get regular updates, follow us on Twitter for the latest news, order posters to promote student membership on your campus, and take part in union events and activities.

Let us know when you finish studies and get a job in the public or community sectors and we’ll talk about transitioning you to our regular fee-paying membership. You can decide at that time whether or not you want to.

You can find out more by ordering our student membership forms from our Organising Centre.

Our Organising Centre is the hub of the union. They are the highly trained and dedicated professionals who answer your questions by phone and email. They can be contacted on 0508 367 772 or at