ACC Phase Three Consultation Review

ACC are undertaking further consultation – Join your colleagues and have your say!

As a PSA member, we are asking you to reject the revised ACC proposal to remove the permanent Customer Host roles and replace them with temporary, fixed-term roles. 

ACC has issued further consultation relating to the 'Phase Three' proposals. You can download and read the proposal here. Submissions close on Friday 24 May.  

We have drafted an email submission for you. You will need to copy the text below and paste it into this email. Click here to generate an email to ACC 


Customer Hosts Are Important To Me 

Dear ACC Change Team, 

I am a PSA member and am strongly opposed to your proposal to make Customer Host Roles fixed-term appointments in satellite sites of the new CSD Structure. 

As a PSA member, I support the call of our members within ACC to permanently employ a Customer Host at every ACC work-site. I am concerned that ACC have not genuinely considered the PSA  feedback. 

I make the following points in relation to Customer Hosts:  

  • Customer Hosts are the public face of ACC

  • Customer Hosts are knowledgeable about ACC, its processes, and where to refer Customers and Visitors

  • Customer Hosts perform a vital health and safety function in screening guests and visitors to ACC, ensuring the health and safety of staff and visitors

  • Customer Hosts provide a consistent level of information, service and contact with those who use our centres – a vital part of customer service 

  • When people come to ACC centres to use facilities such as video conferencing, Customer Hosts have the knowledge and skills to make sure this works

  • Customer Hosts can also support other staff and office functions

  • This role is always required. It is not time-bound

  • Our sites are all seeing an increased number of visitors.

Without Customer Hosts, ACC is asking staff to:

  • Share the responsibilities of Customer Hosts once the fixed-term roles are concluded

  • To learn the complex skills required to undertake the customer host role. I consider this unreasonable within the scope of CSD work

  • Take on this additional work alongside already complex and demanding workload and client service pressure

  • Stop working in our substantive roles and stop focusing on our Customers, to undertake the Customer Host role

  • Staff cannot be expected undertake their normal workload while attending to the Customer Host role, due to the complexity and confidential nature of the work they do for their Customers

  • It is unreasonable to expect staff in a very wide variety of roles, with a very wide-ranging skill set for those roles, to be able to undertake the Customer Host role in addition to all the other requirements of their role.

 Should they proceed with this proposal, ACC risks: 

  • Loss of public reputation (Staff in other roles are not knowledgeable and skilled in Customer Host functions, leading to a poor customer experience)

  • Staff struggling to balance the requirements of their substantive role, with those of the Customer Host

  • As a PSA member I can’t see what will change in the future that will mean that the Customer Host role is no longer required   

  • ACC has underestimated the implementation time-frame for its new structure and what is required for it to become fully functional

  • If an argument is presented for why Customer Hosts would not be required at some point in the future, I think that will be a long way further off than what is proposed

  • ACC should make sure that as they go through change, Customers will always be supported by knowledgeable, skilled, and customer focused staff, no matter how they access ACC’s services. 

What I ask as a PSA member 

As a PSA member, and as a staff member of ACC, I ask that ACC respects and supports its staff to be successful in the roles we will take up in the new structure.  I ask that ACC replace this proposed approach with a decision to have at least one full time permanent Customer Host role at every ACC work-site.   

While I support the decision to extend the proposal to having the role in all work-sites, I do not support that role as being temporary.  I do not support the introduction of vulnerable employment practices by ACC to a role I know is required.  

Additional Comments

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Click here to generate an email to ACC 

Please ask your PSA member colleagues to make their submissions as well. 

Use this submission to let ACC know they need to treat their staff and customers with respect by having a skilled and dedicated Customer Host at each site.

Unless they work in hubs, all ACC PSA members are affected by the new Customer Host proposal. It means existing staff will have to cover this additional work.  In our main submission we opposed the proposal to only have these roles in some centres. 

It is clear that ACC are not hearing what you are saying. 

The new proposals also affect other groups of members, we will be contacting them separately to get feedback and make submissions where appropriate. 

With thanks and in solidarity,

Stephany Mitchell

(On behalf of the ACC National Delegates and Organising Teams)