Decent pay Decent workplaces

Collective bargaining is one of the important ways by which PSA members can improve their living standards and quality of working life.

In bargaining the PSA negotiates towards the following 4 goals:

1. Fair pay, democratic pay systems

  • The real value of pay is maintained
  • Low and unfair pay rates are targeted
  • Pay scales are bargained and ratified by members, and included in their collective agreement
  • Transparent salary progression replaces discretionary bonuses and ranges of rates
  • Performance management is uncoupled from pay and linked to career development
  • Pay and employment equity is actively promoted.

2. Improving the quality of working life

  • Quality flexible working hours are in the collective agreement
  • Support for training and career development
  • Annual leave on top of the statutory minimum
  • Practical support for workers moving into retirement or other life changes.

3. Strong workplace organisation

Strong delegate structures are at the heart of organised and democratic workplaces.  The PSA negotiates for:

  • Paid time for delegates to carry out their role
  • Regular union meeting times
  • Access to resources such as internal mail, notice boards, meeting space.
  • Support for union recruitment.

4. Workplace partnership agreements

Workplace partnership agreements give union members a voice in decisions and contribute to improved productivity and service delivery. They demand a commitment from the union and management to:

  • Hold regular and informative meetings for management and delegates
  • Allow delegates time to discuss issues with members and receive feedback
  • Provide join training for delegates and management
  • Create a culture of partnership.


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Budget 2016: Value public services, value New Zealanders

The Public Service Association is calling on Finance Minister Bill English to deliver a Budget which will properly fund public services - and properly value the people that deliver them.

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Local government changes must not erode local democracy

National's Better Local Services reforms must not be used as a back-door way to force council amalgamation and privatisation, the Public Service Association says.

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MBIE listens to the PSA and agrees not to abandon regional mediators

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has listened to unions, businesses and communities - and opted not to ditch business mediation services in smaller cities.

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