HealthCare NZ, Stop The Cuts

200 workers face the sack. We need your help today.

Hundreds of your fellow union members have been told their jobs are on the chopping block, but you can help stop this from happening.

200 employees of Healthcare NZ are angry and concerned for their future following a company proposal to disestablish regional jobs around the country, and instead centralise services in an Auckland call centre.

Up to 400 HealthCare NZ will be directly and negatively affected, even if they keep their jobs.

We don’t often email every single member of the Public Service Association, but this is an important opportunity for almost 80,000 voices to be raised in defence of what’s right.


Healthcare NZ provides home care and support to vulnerable people for multiple DHBs, and manages community houses that provide 24-hour support for people with disabilities.

Like most care and support companies, it is privately owned and run for profit using taxpayer money.

The workers facing the axe are home support coordinators and admin staff, and service managers for the 24-hour homes.

As is so often the case, the sector grapples with systemic underfunding. That’s still no excuse to decimate regional offices and tear close knit relationships apart.

These proposed job cuts would have flow on affects that harms colleagues, clients, their families and the wider community.

The local knowledge and local relationships of these skilled workers cannot be replaced.

Josephine Gagan is the Group Chief Executive of NZ Health Group Ltd, which HealthCare NZ is a part of.

Her email address is

Please send her a message. Tell her how you feel about the idea of leaving hundreds of people without jobs, and hundreds more mourning the loss of valued colleagues and friends.

A core principle of the union movement is that an injury to one is an injury to all, so these issues do not just affect workers at HCNZ.

Whether you’re a DOC ranger in Fiordland or a mental health social worker in the Hutt, if you show solidarity to a fellow PSA member today they will do the same for you if you ever need it down the road.

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