Home-based care and support

Home-based care and support is an essential service. It enables many older people and those with disabilities to continue living at home by assisting them with their personal care, health needs and household chores.

It saves the country a lot of money

Supporting people to live at home is less costly than hospital or residential care.

But it is compromised by inadequate funding

What New Zealand spends on home-care is not enough to maintain a stable workforce able to meet the needs of the frail and elderly.

Home-based care and support relies on an under-paid workforce

Most workers are paid little more than the minimum wage and can’t rely on a regular income.

Poor pay is destabilising the service

Low pay leads to high staff turnover and the loss of skills and experience, compromising the quality and availability of care.

Standards of care are variable

There are no mandatory training standards for home-based care, and little investment in training workers.

We face a crisis if nothing changes

The population is ageing and needs are becoming more complex. The demands for home-care will continue to grow but we are ill-placed to meet them.

The quality and availability of home-care matter to all of us

Many of us have family members who need this support. We’ll probably need it ourselves one day.

It is time for the government to care



News from the PSA. Guaranteed Hours - a big win for support workers

Guaranteed Hours - a big win for support workers

Security of work is now a possibility for CPS support workers thanks to the implementation of guaranteed hours.

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The Coroner’s decision to investigate four mental health related deaths in one case will yield valuable information about services in the Wellington region, the PSA says.

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News from the PSA. In-Between Travel law passes third reading - debate highlights

In-Between Travel law passes third reading - debate highlights

The hard-fought-for right to be paid for time spent travelling between clients was finally won in February - with the Home And Community Support Settlement Bill passing its third reading.

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Media Releases

Victory for the vulnerable! PSA celebrates win for home support workers

Home support workers will get better recognition for the crucial work they do for some of New Zealand’s most vulnerable people - with legislation and a settlement package finally signed off.

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