Making It Safe

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Making It Safe is PSA’s health and safety campaign.  It is about making sure that:

  • Health and Safety committees and structures are working for members on their site;
  • Members have safe work environments and the right equipment to do their work, and
  • Work load stress is identified and dealt with

Campaign resources and guides are regularly updated at the bottom of the page.  If you would like to be involved in this campaign, please email


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Question Description Link
How do I report a Health and Safety incident? Steps to follow when reporting a health and safety incident or near miss and why they must be reported.
How do I become a Health and Safety Representative? Health and Safety Representatives support you to stay safe in the workplace, find out more about the role.
What Health and Safety Representative resources are available? Key resources for HSRs including the nomination and election process, training and HSR powers and protection.
What do Health and Safety Committees need to do? The role and function of an HSC and suggested meeting procedures and other templates.
Where do I find all the key documents about Health and Safety at the Ministry? The Health and safety manual details all the key components of the health and safety management system, setting out all key processes and procedures.