Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry

The PSA supports the Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry. Let's Stand Together on Mental Health.

The announcement of the Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction earlier this year reflected the success of the hard campaigning that PSA members collectively engaged in during 2017.

Now is the time for all of us to ensure the Inquiry receives the input it needs to deliver much needed change for better mental health and addiction services in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Where is the Inquiry panel holding a public meeting this week?

Details of the regional visits being rolled out each week by the Inquiry panel are available here:

What is the Inquiry setting out to achieve?

The independent Inquiry panel has stated it wants to "generate hope" and set a clear direction that Government, the mental health and addiction sectors and the broader community can pick up and implement to improve New Zealand’s approach to mental health and well-being for the next five to ten years. 

Under its Terms of Reference the Inquiry must report its findings and opinions to the Minister of Health by 31 October 2018. 

Its report is expected to make recommendations to improve the structure of public services that treat mental health and addiction. It will look beyond the health sector, including discussion of the complex causes of mental health and addiction problems. 

How can you take part in the Inquiry process?

The independent Inquiry panel needs as much input as it can get to produce a report with significant recommendations.

There are a number of opportunities to contribute to this process both locally and nationally, together and as individuals - summarised here: 






Attend public meetings as
part of PSA's Stand Together
for Mental Health campaign 

For dates see 

Contribute to the PSA Mental Health Committee submission 

As an 

Attend the public meeting in your area 

For dates see 

Make a submission to the Inquiry via its Have Your Say page/s by 5 June 2018

The five key questions being asked by the Inquiry panel are:

  • What’s currently working well?
  • What isn’t working well at the moment?
  • What could be done better?
  • From your point of view, what sort of society would be best for the mental health of all our people?
  • Is there anything else you want the Inquiry to know?

Our focus will be on what's currently working well and what could be done better. 


Information on how to keep safe in making a submission

Everyone who talks/ writes to the Inquiry panel are protected under the Inquiries Act 2013 to speak freely and frankly. 

As stated in the legislation: It is an offence under the Inquiries Act for a person to intentionally prevent a witness from giving evidence or threatens or seeks to influence a witness before an inquiry (s29 (1) (g)

Please note that your submission will be made public unless you specify otherwise. The Inquiry panel is putting in place measures to ensure the public meetings are respectful and safe for all participants. 

Media Releases

Time running out for participation in Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry

The Public Service Association (PSA) is urging all New Zealanders to send written submissions to the Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry before the set closing date of Tuesday 5 June - less than two weeks from today.

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