Transforming our Workplaces


Transforming our Workplaces, Whakahoungia wāhi mahi tātou is the PSA's strategy to build a better working life for members. By working together we can effect real change and make work more fulfilling, productive and satisfying.

ToW whareTransforming our Workplaces was launched at Congress 2012 and is one of the PSA's four strategic goals. It has five strands: fair and secure; healthy and safe; trust and effectiveness; personalised; and career development.

Transforming our Workplaces describes the range of work we do as a union and provides a framework for our day-to-day activities in improving the working lives of all members.

Former PSA National Secretary Richard Wagstaff explains in this video why we need this new agenda for the workplace.

Transforming our Workplaces' five strands to build better workplaces and create better working lives for members:

icon careerIncreasing skills and experience through training and other opportunities.

Workplaces should ensure PSA members have a range of opportunities for ongoing learning and career development. We want members to have the opportunity to extend their skills, qualifications and experience.

Some issues we will be focusing on:

  • provisions in collective agreements that will give members access to learning opportunities;
  • including services relating to careers and learning as PSA Plus benefits;
  • better access to secondments;
  • study leave and support;
  • advocating for industry training.





icon fairBeing paid fairly in secure jobs, where change works for everyone.

We want workplaces where members have fair and decent working conditions and a secure future. Natural justice must be recognised as an integral part of any performance management and disciplinary processes.

Some issues we will be focusing on:

  • collective bargaining;
  • equal pay;
  • change management;
  • better pay systems;
  • secure work;
  • an employment relations framework that supports the role of unions as the shared voice of working people;
  • funding to ensure services meet needs without sacrificing fair pay.



icon healthy

Positive workplace cultures that look after everyone’s wellbeing.

PSA members’ safety, health and wellbeing are looked after in their workplaces. Organisations should have a positive health and safety culture, sound processes and systems and a proactive approach to wellbeing. PSA members must be able to actively participate in these systems through our union and our elected health and safety representatives.

Some issues we will be focusing on:

  • building health and safety cultures in workplaces;
  • positive workplace behaviours;
  • safeguards against workplace violence;
  • effective health and safety representatives;
  • building, developing and organising the PSA health and safety rep network;
  • safe workloads and shift patterns;
  • a focus on wellness in the workplace.


icon personalisedWorkplaces that welcome diversity help us all to thrive.

Everyone should be supported and valued as individuals in our workplaces. Employers need to have formal policies enabling equal employment opportunities and providing sanctions for discrimination. We want workplaces where everyone can contribute, and have our contributions valued.

Some issues we will be focusing on:

  • building inclusive workplace cultures where everyone’s dignity is supported and they are treated and treat others with respect;
  • enabling the involvement and contribution of all population groups;
  • flexible work and leave arrangements;
  • diverse and flexible career pathways;
  • inclusive recruitment and progression processes.



icon trust

Being trusted in our jobs, so we can work smarter, not harder.

Our work thrives when there is a high level of trust in the relationship between employees and managers, through high performance and high engagement work practices. Our workplaces should deliver better jobs for us, and great services to the people we support.

Some issues we will be focusing on:

  • collective agreements that facilitate high trust;
  • high-trust, engaged workplace cultures;
  • productivity based on worker engagement and better jobs;
  • recognition of the role of delegates as workplace leaders, including release time;
  • using the opportunities of change management to promote high trust and effective workplaces.


Manaia Transparent2Our work with our Māori members is guided by Ngā Kaupapa.

We want inclusive workplaces with respect for diversity, and recognition of tikanga Māori and te reo Māori skills, so Māori workers can fully contribute and be respected for their contribution.

Ngā Kaupapa has eight areas of focus, weaving through every part of Transforming our Workplaces. The two plans complement each other, helping create a better working life for all.

Read Ngā Kaupapa here.

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