125 years of Women's Suffrage

125 years, and we are still seeking equal pay.

Today marks the 125th anniversary of Women's Suffrage in Aotearoa. We celebrated along with out sister unions and the Council of Trade Unions, by re-enacting the handover of the petition that eventually won women the right to vote, and calling for equal pay for all people working in undervalued roles.

PSA Delegate Chantalle Smith spoke about the importance of Library assistants, and the crucial work that libraries provide communities. Chantalle is the convenor of the PSA's library panel, which is campaigning to have library assistants properly paid for the work they do.

The Equal Pay Amendment Bill, announced today at our celebration by Hon Ian Lees-Galloway, will help modernise the 1972 Equal Pay Act, and help remove barriers to women who wish to take equal pay claims.