A big win for equal pay!

The Government has adopted the Joint Working Group's principles to establish equal pay for women.

The government have just announced they will be accepting the Joint Working Group’s principles!

“This is a huge step forward for low paid workers in New Zealand – whether they’re men or women,” PSA National Secretary Erin Polaczuk says.

You can read our full release on the release of the principles here.

Thank you to all our Equal Pay advocates who have worked so hard on this campaign, supporting action around the country. This step forward for equality is only possible because of your involvement.

The PSA has a long history of advocating for Equal pay, dating back to 1914. We pushed for the Public Service Equal Pay act in the 1950s and were involved in the Equal Pay Act of 1972. This newest step forward gives power to women and their unions to correct this pay discrimination.

The PSA will now raise equal pay claims for thousands of low-paid women - after previously advocating for social workers and admin/clerical workers.

The work’s not over yet!

Acceptance of the principles is a crucial and important step to achieving equal pay, but there’s a lot of work ahead. We will be calling on you to help educate and support your communities in understanding the historical significance of this victory, and shaping the way for equal pay to be delivered to all underpaid women in New Zealand.

We want young New Zealanders to grow up with the best opportunities ahead of them, and their future has today been made much fairer.

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