Show your support this Admin Appreciation Day

Admin Appreciation day is this Wednesday, 18 April. This year we want more than chocolates and flowers, we want your support for Equal Pay for all Admin workers.

admin appreciation poster 2018 webAdmin are at the heart of any organisation. They are the first point of contact for the public and have almost magical brains that juggle seemingly infinite tasks all at once. They are responsible for teams, individuals, and entire organisations. They are the often too-invisible hands that keep everything running smoothly.

This admin appreciation day marks a significant milestone in the Equal Pay Campaign with PSA putting forward a claim with the District Health Board employer’s group (TAS) pursuing Equal Pay for all DHB admin staff. Over 5,000 PSA admin workers employed by the DHB’s have attended meetings around NZ to overwhelmingly endorse a claim of 15-45% (range is dependent on which DHB and which role).

Administration is a highly specialised and unique skill set, for too long the importance and value of our work has been overlooked, administration workers are worth 100%.

Support the DHB Admin staff as ALL admin staff deserve recognition

This admin appreciation day show your support by:

  • Hanging the PSA Admin appreciation day posters in your workplace

  • Checking out the Equal Pay Campaign here and join up as an equal pay advocate

  • Host a sign up session to get more equal pay advocates, talk to people about the importance of Equal Pay and get them to be a Equal Pay advocate. Download the  sign up sheet here

  • Take photos of the sign up session and send them through to us (send to

  • Download the worth 100% logo and have it on your email signature

Together we can achieve Equal Pay, because we are all worth 100%