Allied Health, Public Health and Technical

The PSA’s Allied, Technical and Public Health collective agreement will be renegotiated in March 2014.

Fill out our bargaining survey so you can have a say on your pay and conditions - see survey link below.

Core bargaining issues for 2014
Members and delegates have identified eight key issues for this year’s bargaining:

  • Training and Development
  • Career and Salary Progression (CASP) and Technical Merit
  • Salary scale changes
  • Placement on salary scale depending on qualifications
  • Progression for allied health clinicians working in community settings in comparison to community nurses
  • Designated position salary scales and how equitable is it in comparison to other occupational groups
  • The need for an ongoing process to evaluate designated positions
  • A process for accessing the manager’s salary scale

The issues were raised at our annual member’s meeting and delegates meetings in 2013.

We are asking members to rank these issues in order. We are also asking all members to send us their top three issues not included in the list.

Bargaining survey
If you were sent a survey link by email please use that link. If you did not receive an emailed survey link, then you can use this link to fill out the survey now.

Bargaining process

  1. Issues raised at member / delegate meetings
  2. Member and/or delegate meetings to discuss bargaining by March
  3. Bargaining team finalised before March
  4. Negotiations start March
  5. Regular bargaining updates
  6. Regional delegates meetings
  7. Report back/ratification member meetings
  8. Special votes for those who can’t attend meetings

Bargaining teams
Our bargaining team will be composed of a mix of occupational groups, regional, experienced and new delegates and union staff. A separate newsletter will be sent out seeking nominations for the bargaining team members shortly.

Bargaining support teams
The bargaining team will be supported by a broader group of members: an occupational reference group and an industrial council. Where specialist advice is needed, delegates with specialist knowledge will be added to the bargaining team.

Fill out our survey to volunteer to be on a bargaining support team - see survey link above.

Occupational reference group
The occupational reference group will be made up of one or two delegates or members from each of the DHBs who are interested in representing their occupational group issues. The function of this group will be to provide information from their DHB to support the bargaining issues as well as liaise with other members of the occupational panel to form a national perspective. The group will meet via teleconferences.

Industrial council
The industrial council will be selected from interested delegates to ensure that there is good communication between the bargaining teams and the DHB delegates committee and members. The bargaining teams will liaise with the  Industrial Council on  a regular basis to provide bargaining updates as well as get feedback from delegates on the bargaining  issues.