Auckland housing crisis – A PSA perspective

Our submission to the Auckland Auckland Mayoral Taskforce on Housing reveals the heartbreaking reality of unaffordable housing.

Auckland Housing Crisis

“I survive, I don’t live”

A recent PSA survey of Auckland members has revealed the harsh reality Aucklanders are under because of the housing crisis. Within two hours of the survey opening we received over 1500 responses, most of them with detailed personal stories. When the survey closed over 2,500 people had shared their stories with us.

The speed and detail of the responses show just how deeply felt the housing crisis is to our members.

Out of the 2,500 respondents from Auckland PSA members:

  • Six out of ten said the housing crisis has hurt their quality of life.
  • Nearly half live in unaffordable housing.
  • More than half are thinking about leaving Auckland.

The personal stories painted a detailed picture of what unaffordable housing really means for Aucklanders.

 “I rent and every time we have to move I struggle to keep my kids in their school”

“I’m leaving Auckland. Too depressing to just exist and go nowhere”

“I am surviving in Auckland but not what you’d call living”

“I am unsure I will pay off my mortgage before we can no longer work”

“Half my income goes on rent”

Our submission

We’ve compiled a two part submission to Phill Goff for his Auckland Mayoral Taskforce on Housing Supply. Part one is based on members’ stories. Part two has been shaped by expert advice from our members who work in local government; they have provided insights into the underlying causes of the housing crisis in Auckland, have identified specific impediments to increasing supply, and provided recommendations on what needs to change.

Read the full submission here.

Stand together for better housing

Do you have a story you want to share with us? While the housing crisis is worst in Auckland, we know this is an issue faced all across Aoteaora. Write to us at and tell us how housing affects you.