Bargaining: Better funding for support staff – better learning for kids

New Zealand’s two main education unions, NZEI (primary schools) and PPTA (secondary), have launched a campaign for better funding for support staff.

The education of the nation’s tamariki depends on schools having the right people in the right jobs. This year, the Government has frozen school funding, so schools have less money than they need to operate. This means New Zealand’s schools have to do more with less, with support staff being the ones closest to the cutting line.

Librarians, teacher aides, kairahi and office administrators are all essential to ensuring children have the best education possible. They are in their roles because they care about children, about providing support and inspiration and helping our young people find their place in the world.

Already support staff are paid only just above minimum wage, are employed only 40 weeks of the year and have no job security. It’s difficult to live on such a small amount

If the freeze remains, schools will have less money. Trade-offs will happen between support staff, operational costs and teachers. This is unfair on schools, teachers, and children.

Stand with schools and sign the petition to value support staff: