April 17: Better, Safer, Fairer day

The 4X2 roster is better for patients, safer for staff and fairer for everyone. A rotating roster of four days on and two days off is essential to maintaining ongoing care for New Zealand’s mental health patients. It has been the PSA’s recommended roster since the early 1970’s because of its effectiveness. The roster helps ensure patients get the best possible care; that staff are well-rested and have a good work-life balance, and that everyone gets a fair mix of shifts.

April 17 is Better, Safer Fairer day
Help highlight the importance of a fair roster by celebrating Better, Safer, Fairer day this year. On April 17 we invite you to participate in your ward and share photos and messages with us.

Have a chat with your fellow members and local organiser about what steps you can take to improve your ward. We’ve put together a guide about what makes a better, safer, and fairer ward to help start the conversation Better Safer, Fairer guide. Put up posters in support of the 4X2 roster. Tell us what a better, safer, fairer ward looks like to you.

ADHB Te Whetu TaweraWaikato DHB and Henry Bennett

Waikato DHB is moving to remove the 4x2 roster from their in-patient wards, which will put both staff and patients at risk. We are fighting hard with Henry Bennett members to keep

We’d love to share your photos and messages of support for Henry Bennett staff. Send them through to bettersaferfairer@psa.org.nz. the 4X2 and would love your support.

Auckland action
Support Henry Bennett in person and get on the bus! On April 17 we will be taking a bus to Waikato DHB to show our support in person for Henry Bennett workers.

Poster 4x2 v2

To be more involved in the campaign, contact: bettersaferfairer@psa.org.nz