Bullying and Violence in the Workplace - intervention and prevention seminar

A lunch time seminar hosted by the PSA with the Centre for Labour, Employment and Work, Victoria University.

Violence and harassment are attacks on personal dignity, the right to equal and non-discriminatory treatment and often a person's health. Workers affected by it feel insecure about their work; they are more frequently absent and may even be unable to work, with consequent impacts on productivity and corporate and public costs (EurWork (2015) Violence and Harassment in European workplaces:  Extent, Impacts and Policies).

This seminar explores recent NZ, and progressive approaches in Europe in dealing with negative workplace behaviours.


Presentation 1: The Extent of harassment and violence in European workplaces and preventative public measures

Andrea Fromm, Policy and Research, NZ Public Service Association

View Andrea's slides here.

Andrea has recently returned to New Zealand from Europe where she worked for Eurofound (The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions), a tripartite European Union agency. Andrea was involve with the Eurofound report from 2015 entitled "Violence and harassment in European Workplace:  Extent, impacts and policies".  As with all Eurofound reports there is a social partner focus. Andrea summarises the findings and looks at the framework agreements and how it was implemented.

geoff hamis

Presentation 2: Interventions to address workplace bullying:  How well does the New Zealand public sector stack up against "good practice"?

Geoff Plimmer and Hamish Crimp, School of Management, VUW

View the slides here.

This brief, interactive session covers 4 topics:

  • The prevalence of bullying and harassment in the New Zealand public service
  • Guidance on effective interventions using a public health model
  • A discussion of New Zealand public sector agencies' recent policies, and trends in public sector bullying responses
  • A discussion of further possible responses.

Geoff is a senior lecturer in the School of Management, with interests in workplace bullying, leadership, wellbeing and performance. Geoff has led the research on Workplace Dynamics in the NZ Public Service which gathered data on bullying and harassment in the public service.

Hamish has recently completed his Masters thesis on public sector responses to bullying, at the School of Management.

Watch the recorded livestream of both presentations below: