Carolling for Equal Pay

PSA members and equal pay advocates are putting solidarity behind an equal pay claim for DHB administration and clerical workers into song for Christmas.

In the remaining working days before Christmas, PSA staff and supporters are posting videos of groups and individuals singing from a 'crowd sourced' book of adapted carols. 

These are going live at  First up was a version of Jingle Bells that begins "Oh Jan Logie! Oh Jan Logie! Back us all the way!" followed by "On the first day of Christmas (my union gave to me...)

Carols crop


Admin work is mainly performed by women, and employers often choose to pay them less than similar jobs performed by men. 

Administrative work is undervalued and the skills required are often poorly understood by hospital management. 

Many in these roles struggle with excessive workloads because of the government imposed gap on hiring admin staff. 

DHB admin workers are the only group without a national employment agreement, which also traps them in low wages. 

This Christmas, DHB administration and clerical staff want to achieve Equal Pay because they're worth 100%

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