Convenor induction and planning days

We’ve had a few new convenors lately, so last week we got together in Auckland for a half day induction for the newbies, and two days of planning with the full team.

Induction for the newly elected PSAY Convenors

Induction for the newly elected PSAY Convenors – from left Nicole Buchanan, Ofeina Manuel-Barbarich, Susannah Bailey (PSA staff), Dave Lafontant, Vicki Taylor (PSA staff), and Catherine Weusten.

We made some great progress with planning including for Day Two of the youth leadership training, the Stand Up Youth Conference, PSA Congress, the Stand Together campaign, communications, and more. We also got to hear from each of the four PSA President candidates, who will be up for election at PSA Congress in September this year. The convenors started some thinking about how the three attending from PSAY might like to use their votes.

We will share information about our plans and opportunities to connect in, over the coming months.