Delegate achievement award – Bala Beeram

Bala Beeram, who works at AsureQuality, was presented with a Delegate Achievement Award on 15 July in a ceremony in front of 200 staff at AsureQuality’s Lynfield Laboratory.

Bala Beeram cropThe Delegate Achievement Award is one of the highest honours given by the PSA. It is solely awarded to union delegates who have provided outstanding leadership above and beyond the norm.

Bala was only the fourth recipient of this relatively new award. The presentation was made by PSA Executive Board member Andy Colwell, on behalf of the more than 62,000 members of the PSA. Bala’s family were present, and the event was emceed by Shalini Wadhawan, another PSA delegate.

AsureQuality chief executive John McKay spoke at the ceremony of Bala’s passionate advocacy for people, and presented him with a bouquet.

Kevin McGorry, who works alongside Bala as the PSA organiser for AsureQuality, said, “I have always admired Bala’s resilience and determination during difficult times, standing up for AsureQuality workers.

“Bala has been a strong advocate for the lab workers. He never gives up, and he works well with management to get good outcomes for the members.

“Everything Bala does is for the benefit of PSA members, and he deserves this recognition of his efforts,” Kevin said.