DHB Sector Newsletter

An update from the DHB sector committee

A lot has been happening in the DHB sector! We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the important things, so you stay informed about what’s happening at the PSA for DHBs.

In this update:

The DHB Sector Committee Meeting

We held our second face-to-face sector committee meeting for 2018 in Wellington on 13-14 June. The mid-year meeting is a good time for us to check in with our plans for the year and see how we’re tracking for the needs of people who work in DHBs. We met with other leadership teams across the PSA and made plans for Congress 2018.

You can review the minutes from the meeting here.

Presidential Update - Janet Quigley

We welcomed Janet to our meeting. Since she works in DHBs herself it’s always a pleasure to discuss DHB sector issues, as well as broader issues across the PSA and the broader Public Services and Union movement.

The Women’s Network want a DHB Sector Committee member to join their network. Having a DHB voice on the network committee will make sure that issues that affect women who work in DHBs are raised through the network. Nominations are pending for this opportunity. Equality, Empowerment and Diversity is this year’s theme for the Women’s Network Conference due to be held in Auckland 16-17 August 2018.

There will be a review of standard common clauses within the Public Service collective agreements.

PSI (International-Pacific/NZ/Australia) have asked for youth representation based on our own very successful PSA Youth.

Jointly the Secretariat and Te Rūnanga o Ngā Toa Āwhina arecreating a paid Māori position within PSA which is currently at draft stage. We are interested in seeing this role develop, as it is in line with the PSA’s commitment to bicultural unionism and obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Sector Plan

The committee is working on increasing the profile on Health & Safety within the DHB Sector. For Health & Safety issues to be properly addressed acceptable levels of support, advocacy & education levels for members are required. We need to do research into exactly what acceptable levels look like.

Industrial Report

Ashok & Warwick reported on the NZNO Nurses negotiations and status with the DHB Allied MECA. We support the Nurses and we stand with them in their negotiations. 

A new group of Radiation Therapists have joined PSA after moving from their previous union APEX.

Secretariat - Erin & Glenn

PSA national secretaries dropped in, and we caught up with them about a range of important topics.

PSA membership has grown to over 65,000, which is excellent news. We are excited that the DHBs make up such a large percentage of members within the PSA, and we’re looking forward to growing even more in the future.

We discussed the PSA’s focus and goals, including the Board’s recommendations around changes to the PSA’s strategic goals, which include adding Health and Safety to the Transforming our Workplaces strategy, among other suggestions.

Brief meeting with Health Minister Hon Dr David Clark was planned to discuss health reform, Mental Health enquiry & bargaining.

Worksafe Reps

We had guests from Worksafe reps come and speak to us about Health and Safety. Worksafe Reps was originally a CTU programme founded in 2003, but is now run by its own trust.

We discussed the challenges of the areas we work in, and brainstormed ideas for case studies. The needs and challenges of DHBs are very specific, so we need to make sure any training is structured around what we need.

As a committee we are making Health and Safety a priority, and we look forward to continuing to research and advocate for improved Health and Safety procedures in all DHBs around the country.

Area Reporting

The committee talked about how we could improve reporting from each area, and how to tie it in with the sector plan. This work will be ongoing and reviewed in 3-6 months

Networks, Te Tira Hauora

The committee received Reports from Te Tira Hauora, PSA youth network, PSA Pasefika network, PSA mental health committee, The Women’s Network and Out@PSA. They all gave good reports on how they are working and what they are doing with the DHB sector. The Pasefika fono will be happening in Auckland next month

Equal pay for DHB admin

Equal Pay MidlandPark image

Our DHB equal pay advocates met in June to undergo advocate training. They also took their message to the street and did a flashmob dance in Midland Park, Wellington.

DHB administrators provide an essential service for everyone who works or visits a DHB, which is most of New Zealand. We believe their skills have been undervalued and underpaid for too long.

Sign the petition and support Equal pay for DHB admin today!

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