Election of PSA DHB Sector Committee convenor

An election for the convenor of the PSA District Health Board Sector committee is to be held at the March meeting of the committee.

This is a very important role as the convenor represents your sector on the PSA Executive Board.

The election for convenor is held at least every two years, or when there is a vacancy.



Candidates must be nominated and seconded by two delegates from the sector. To be eligible for nomination, a candidate must be a current member of the Sector Committee. A list of current DHB Sector Committee members is below.

Click here for a nomination form.

Completed nomination forms should be sent to margaret.takoko@psa.org.nz or Margaret Takoko, PSA, PO Box 367, Gisborne by 2 March 2015

Candidates are required to provide a profile to support their candidacy. This should be typed and emailed to margaret.takoko@psa.org.nz by 2 March 2015. Candidate profiles will be distributed to delegates in the sector.


Nominations open: 5 February 2015

Nominations close: 2 March 2015 – 12pm

Nominees advised to all DHB Sector Delegates: 6 March 2015

Election of Convenor – 11 March 2015 – at Sector Meeting



The convenor is elected by members of the sector committee. Sector committee members are required to seek feedback from delegates in the sector as to who they feel would best lead the committee into the future.

Before giving feedback, it is appropriate for delegate committees to discuss who they think would be the best candidate for the role of convenor.  Feedback should be given to your sector committee representative(s) by 9 March the latest. Email addresses are provided in this newsletter.

The convenor will be elected at the District Health Board Sector Committee meeting scheduled for 11 & 12 th March 2015, taking into account the feedback from delegates.


The role of the sector convenor

To provide best advice in the election process, either in nominating a candidate or recommending a best candidate to your sector committee representative, you need to consider the role of sector convenor.

Sector committee leadership and development

  • Facilitate and chair sector committee meetings
  • Ensure agreed actions are followed up
  • Maintain an overview of issues and trends impacting on the sector

Active contribution to the work of the Executive Board:

  • Provide the key linkage between the sector committee and the Executive Board
  • Raise issues identified by the sector at the Executive Board
  • Discuss board issues with sector committee members and appropriate others; provide feedback after Board meetings
  • Maintain appropriate contact with politicians and other interested parties
  • Front public or membership meetings as required
  • D evelop and use networks to obtain information on sector issues
  • Maintain currency of information on broader union and PSA issues

Ensuring sector plans are developed and implemented:

  • Ensure a sector plan is developed on an annual basis
  • Ensure wide input to the sector plan from enterprises in the sector
  • Monitor and review the implementation of the plan


Sector Committee representatives

Hilary Genet (Nelson-Marlborough DHB)
Nicole Flann (Lakes DHB)
Allan Franks (Auckland DHB)
Janet Calley (Waikato DHB)
Lesley Dixon (Canterbury DHB)
Mike Prouting (Southern DHB)
Andrew Colwell (Auckland DHB)
Rosemary Cullen (Waitemata DHB)
Glenda Young (MidCentral DHB)
Jackie Maaka (Bay of Plenty DHB)
Caz Thomson (Capital and Coast DHB)
Tiare Williams (Bay of Plenty DHB)
Janet Quigley (Canterbury DHB)
Nancy Dally (Counties Manukau DHB)