Employment law changes pass

On Thursday 30 October, the Employment Relations Act Amendment Bill became law.

We need a wage imageWhat does it mean?

The Bill provides for a range of changes to employment law which will make things harder for workers to get a fair deal.

PSA members worked hard to campaign against this Bill, with nearly 8000 making submissions to the Select Committee that examined it, and thousands more taking part in the 'Give Us A Break ' activity in October last year.

We managed to get some changes - with small improvements to the original Bill around the rules of when bargaining is over, and the treatment of subcontractors - but the Government chose to ignore the vast majority of submissions that opposed the law.

What can we do?

The Bill will hurt all workers, but the worst aspects of it will be felt by non-union members.

By working together in unions, we can share our strength and make sure that we still get decent employment conditions.

The PSA has good working relationships with most employers in our sectors, and these relationships will mean that that our members are less impacted by the new laws.

Union membership is the best way to make sure that you have the best possible chance at fair pay and conditions at work.

Now is a great time to talk to your friends and whānau about joining a union. If they don't know which union organises at their workplace, tell them to visit this helpful website

The PSA will continue to work alongside other unions for better employment laws, and for the rights of our members and all workers in New Zealand.