Encouraging young migrants to vote – a PSA Youth member initiative

Migrants to New Zealand make up a significant proportion of potential voters, but are much less likely to vote than other groups.

Last election, over 35% of Asian migrants didn’t vote – second only to youth in non-participation.  

This year, the New Zealand Federation of Multicultural Councils (NZFMC) is strongly advocating for migrants and in particular, migrant youth, to vote in the upcoming elections.  NZFMC is not party political, their goal is simply to encourage migrants to vote based on the party policies that align with their personal values.

PSA Youth member and NZFMC National Vice President Arish Naresh is helping to lead this campaign.

Do you have connections in migrant communities?  People you know could use these connections to encourage people to vote.  You can follow the campaign at the following links: FacebookTwitter, and the NZFMC Website.