Equal Pay Care and Support Sector Update

Government equal pay negotiators have reaffirmed their commitment to getting a preliminary sign-off for an agreement on the delivery of equal pay for the care and support sector before Christmas.

If this is achieved it would require ratification meetings by workers employed in aged care residential, home support and disability support in February and March next year before it was finalised.

It would probably also require, as did the 2011 sleepover settlement, that legislation to be passed to make the minimum pay rates in any settlement enforceable in the courts.

Government negotiators have this week committed to making a formal equal pay offer to union negotiators (representing the PSA,
E tū , NZNO and NZCTU) the week beginning 7 November.

This will give them time to talk to sector employers and to get the formal cabinet go ahead for any offer.

The Union Negotiating Team has already set down some dates in November to attempt to achieve the Christmas preliminary settlement goal.

Meanwhile the Government has still not announced its position on the principles for the implementation of equal pay for female predominant workforces across the wider economy.

The report from the Joint Pay Equity Working Group, made up of employer, union and government representatives, presented its report to the Government in May.

While the unions expected a positive response, this has not yet been forthcoming. The equal pay cases, including those filed by school support staff and public sector social workers, were on hold while the Joint Pay Equity Working Group was meeting, but their unions are now indicating that they might not wait much longer.

If you want to find out more about equal pay then ring the PSA organising centre on 0508 367 772