Equal pay morning tea

Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) delegates have been taking a lead on the issue of equal pay in their enterprise.

TEC delegate Brittany Travers

TEC delegate Brittany Travers

In their last round of bargaining, the PSA negotiated joint work with the TEC to do analysis on the gender pay gap in the organisation, and now delegates and TEC HR will be looking for ways to work together to further close the gap.

Brittany Travers, a PSA delegate, organised an equal pay morning tea which attracted 40 TEC staff, including a number of non-PSA members.

PSA equal pay organiser Gabriel Brettkelly spoke on our Worth 100% campaign and our long history of campaigning for equal pay, while Anne Jenkins spoke on behalf of the TEC’s HR team and gave a fascinating presentation on the analysis they have done on the TEC’s gender pay gap.

If you want to help raise awareness about equal pay in your organisation, and to work towards closing it, sign up as a PSA Equal Pay Advocate at psa.org.nz/equalpay or by phoning 0508 367 772.