Equal Pay petition presented to Parliament - with 10,000 signatures

The next generation of New Zealand workers presented the petition to Labour MP Sue Moroney - with nearly 10,500 signatures calling for the government to fully adopt the Joint Working Group's recommendations on Equal Pay.

A group of Wellington children gave Ms Moroney the petition, which was held through Action Station.

The children then took part in a lolly scramble - where the boys and girls ended up with a more or less equal share of the spoils.

But when they were told men get more "lollies" than women in the workplace, all the future workers said that wasn't fair - and everyone should get the same.

"Equal pay's been the law in New Zealand for more than 40 years, but for many women it's still as big a fight as a lolly scramble," PSA National Secretary Erin Polaczuk said.

"We don't want to explain to girls that they're somehow worth less than boys."

Ms Moroney tabled the petition in parliament, and thousands more people sent postcards to the Prime Minister encouraging him to accept the recommendations in full.

The Joint Working Group submitted its findings in May, but as yet the Cabinet has not come to a decision.

Workplace relations minister Michael Woodhouse says a decision will be coming "in the not too distant future."

Ms Moroney said today's petition presentation should send a clear message that it's time for the government to get on with it.