FAQs – PSA Youth Hui 2017

Please check these FAQs for the answers to any conference queries you might have.

PSAY Leaders Hui 2015

PSAY Leaders Hui 2015

If you can’t find the answer to your question below, you can submit your question at the bottom of the page and we will respond by email or phone and update the FAQs if needed. We will also update these FAQs as we confirm more details.

Nominations are now open for our PSA Youth national convenor and regional convenor roles! Please read the role description and if you are interested in nominating for a role, please fill out the Q&A and nomination form pages at the end of the document (.pdf, 79kb). The .pdf is editable, so you can type directly into it and send that to psay@psa.org.nz.

A guide to facilitating sessions is now available

An overview of PSA Youth is available as well as a guide to the structure of the PSA

The purpose of the PSA Youth Hui is to gather a group of active PSAY members together to:

  • Consider the role of PSAY in a changing work environment and union movement
  • Consider new ways of doing things as a network and union
  • Consider priority activities for the network
  • Inspire members to increase their activity and involvement
  • Establish clear, workable and effective rules for the operation of the network, including:
    • Review of PSAY structure
    • Proposals for remits to adapt PSA rules as they apply to the network
  • Build young leaders in the network
  • Build relationships across the network, sectors and workplaces
  • Develop collective views on current issues of relevance to PSAY members
  • Provide a forum for members to share ideas and lead discussions

The Hui will run from Thursday 10 to Saturday 12 August 2017.

The theme of the Hui is Sure to Rise: Active Youth and will focus on increasing network activity and leadership in all the regions. The programme will be a lot less structured and packed than the usual national conference programme, to allow plenty of time for discussion and networking.

The programme will likely include the following:

Leadership-focused speakers such as:

  • A panel of young leaders from union, political activism and community sectors
  • CTU Secretary Sam Huggard
  • General election candidates
  • PSA Youth network planning – network priorities and activities
  • Updates from the outgoing convenor team and suggestions for future planning
  • Building young leaders – how to better engage & activate young PSA members, including future role of Hui attendees in PSAY
  • PSAY role in PSA campaigns including Stand Together, #yeswecare, Treat Her Right
  • Review of PSA Youth rules, including:
    • Consideration of changes to  our PSA Youth structure
  • PSAY Convenor elections
  • Participant-led workshops (on topics of participants’ choosing)
  • Free time for networking and activities
  • Some surprising twists

We welcome suggestions for the programme, including discussion topics, workshops, speakers and participant-led sessions. We’d love to hear whether you have any workshops you’d like to run yourself, or are able to help organise, or if you’re interested in assisting more generally with Hui planning. You can include thoughts with your EOI, or email psay@psa.org.nz.

The Hui is for PSAY activists – PSA members aged 35 and under who have demonstrated enthusiasm for the network and the youth union movement, whether through a leadership role or active participation in network activities. The Hui will not be catered to members who are Inactive PSA members or will not be an ongoing contributor to the network.

We will be electing our PSAY national co -convenors and PSAY regional convenors at the Hui, so if you are interested in one these roles, you should put in an expression of interest and indicate this at the time.

There is an expression of interest process to attend (see below), as we are unlikely to have space for every member who is interested in attending.

If you are a PSA member aged 35 and under and haven’t received an invite to attend, we may not have your correct date of birth or email address in our system. Please email enquiries@psa.org.nz or call the Organising Centre on 0508 367 772 if your details need updating.

We will be funding young PSA leaders and members from across the country to attend this event, including travel, accommodation and food. EOIs will be prioritised on a range of factors including previous activity, regional, sector and demographic representation and attendees will be selected by the PSAY team of staff and convenors.

As the event is scheduled for a Thursday to Saturday, most attendees will need to organise two day’s release from work. This is not an EREL (employment-related education leave) course. You will need to take annual leave or negotiate paid union or development leave to attend.
We recommend that you discuss this with your manager before submitting your expression of interest. If you are selected to attend, we can provide you with a letter to present to your manager.

Aren’t an active member but would like to come this or in future years? Get active now. Read the newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for opportunities to get involved. Got an idea, or interested in helping organise an event in your region?  Email psay@psa.org.nz

One of the goals of the Hui is to build greater engagement in the network so that there is a wider group of PSAY leaders not only attending events but contributing to PSAY planning and helping to organise events and activities themselves. We would expect that at a minimum Hui attendees would report back to other members in their region about the Hui – perhaps through a local event. We hope that many members will be keen to do more!

The current PSAY convenors were elected on two year terms at the 2015 PSAY Leaders Hui and as roles became vacant, which has been at different times of the year. 

We are now officially calling for nominations for the convenor roles. Anyone attending Hui can nominate themselves (or someone else attending) for a PSAY convenor role. The nominated person needs to agree!

You can download one document that includes the updated convenor role description, a convenor nominee form and a Q&A for nominees. Nominees will need to get support from two other PSAY members in order to stand – either prior to Hui or at Hui (see the convenor nominee form). If you complete the Convenor Nominee Q&A prior to hui (by Friday 4 August) we will include your responses in the hui pack for attendees (the PDF is editable). This is recommended, but further nominations are welcome at Hui (we just won’t be able to distribute the Q&A). 

If you are interested, you will need to decide whether you are standing for a regional convenor role, a national convenor role or both. (The national convenor elections will take place before the regional convenor elections). 

If you would like more information about the convenor roles, please speak to an existing convenor in the first instance:

National Co-convenorCaleb Gordon

National Co-convenor (Female) – Tireni Ratema

Auckland regional convenor‘Ofeina Manuel Barbarich

Wellington regional convenor – Gabriel George

Provincial regional convenor – Vacant (Erina Stockman, immediate past but available to contact)

Christchurch regional convenorCatherine Weusten

Dunedin regional convenorNicole Buchanan

The Hui will take place at the Hotel Coachman, Palmerston North.

The accommodation is on site. No-one will have to share a bed, but most will have to share rooms. Vicki will be sorting the room sharing so will send out the attendee list to you and is happy to take suggestions on who you may like to share with. Otherwise, you will probably share with someone in the same region or workplace. Sharing arrangements will be based on gender identity.

The PSA will pay for transport to attend the Hui. Vicki will be in touch with all participants about travel arrangements once attendance is confirmed. 

Transport from home to the airport

We encourage everyone to take the most economical transport possible. In Dunedin and Christchurch, a shuttle will be arranged for everyone to the airport. Auckland, if possible, please take the airport bus and keep your receipt. We will reimburse you for the expense. In the smaller regions, if you need a taxi chit or need a shuttle arranged please notify Vicki.

Participants in Wellington are encouraged to take the bus that has been arranged to leave Wellington Central on Thursday 10 August.

Download the PDF of travel times for all regions. (PDF, 197KB) 


All transport, accommodation, venue and meals costs will be met by the PSA.

Meals will be provided at the venue and the PSA will cover the costs of these. This includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners and morning and afternoon teas. 

Please include any dietary requirements on your expression of interest form. Please let us know if these need updating so we can ensure we meet your dietary needs.

You are welcome to wear whatever you feel comfortable in! The following will be useful:

  • Warm clothes
  • Any toiletries or medications you may need (towels and linen provided)
  • Phone and charger
  • Laptop or tablet (and power) if you have one (this will assist in recording notes, evaluations, etc electronically)
  • Music if you want to share it
  • Money if you want to purchase anything extra (food and limited drinks provided)
  • And finally, cheeseball but important: your ideas!

To stay up to date, please read the PSA Youth email updates (a monthly newsletter with some additional special features), check out our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (you’re missing out if you’re not)!

Email us at psay@psa.org.nz and we'll respond. We may update these FAQs if we think others would also have need for the answer.

We have put together a guide on facilitating sessions which you can download here.