Feedback on the Department of Conservation to State Services Commission.

Last week the PSA gave feedback to State Services Commission on the progress DOC has made since the July 2014 Performance Improvement Framework.

DOC workers holding white boxes leaving a helicopter

DOC workers are committed to conservation.

DOC are working constructively with us. We want DOC to work effectively and participation from members is the best way to make this happen.

However, there are many areas that require attention. While management want DOC to change quickly, it's important that members are involved at every stage, and that the changes are made with the reality of their work in mind. Our feedback highlighted the problems DOC are still facing as well as what's going well.

DOC plays an important role in New Zealand's conservation and protection of our natural environment. There are no shortcuts to ensuring our wildlife and habitats are protected.

The PSA is made up of members like the people who work at DOC. We are using our collective voice to inform the SSC how things are going, where things are going well and where they need improvement.

The broader interim progress report will be available directly from SSC at a later date.