Free, Frank, and Fearless - Lunchtime seminars at the PSA

Following on from our successful In The Thick Of It series of lunchtime seminars in 2014/15, our 2016 seminar series is on the theme of Free, Frank and Fearless.

On 28 November we had the privilege of hosting Sir Geoffery Palmer and Dr Andrew Butler for a lunchtime seminar here at the PSA on their project to propose a written constitution for New Zealand.

Sir Geoffrey Palmer spoke to PSA members in Wellington on 28 November, 2016, about his new book proposing a written constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand, and the role of the public service.

Read Sir Geoffrey's speech online.

Watch Sir Geoffrey's speech below:

Listen to Dr Andrew Butler's speech on SoundCloud below:

These two speakers were followed up by Dr Chris Eichbaum from Victoria University, who spoke on 6 December about the responsibilities of the public service, the relationship with the Executive, with Parliament and with the public.

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