Future voices speak out for Equal Pay

High school students from across Wellington have told MPs they want action on equal pay because they can’t wait another 90 years for the gender pay imbalance to be fixed.

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L to R: Kitty Hollis (Wellington High School), Monica Briggs (YWCA), Ruby Robinson-Shaw (Wellington High School), Anastasia Burn (Wellington Girls' College), Linsey Higgins (NZUSA), Raukura Doyle, (Wellington East Girls' College), Abby Simpson (Wellington East Girls' College), Soe Sola (Naenae Girls' College), Marama Fox (Maori Party co-leader)


Students from Naenae College, Wellington East Girls’ College and Wellington High School explained why equal pay is important to them – including issues like making girls feel valued and giving real choices to young people leaving school.

One student said she’d heard at the current pace of change it would take 90 years for Kiwi women to get equal pay, and she said that was too long to wait.

Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox and YWCA Auckland chief executive Monica Briggs invited the girls along to share their stories and aspirations – and were impressed at the energy and enthusiasm they brought to the event.

A special Equal Pay cake, shaped like a blue bucket with sandpit toys, echoed the theme of the hugely successful postcard campaign, which has attracted more than 10,000 signatures urging the Cabinet to adopt the Joint Working Group’s recommendations in full.

YWCA Auckland also showed us their latest promotional video showing young people talking about the equal pay campaign.