Gender and sexual diversity resource

Delegates to the New Zealand Council of Trade Union’s Biennial Conference, held on 9 & 10 October, unanimously voted to support the introduction of a training programme on the implementation in all CTU affiliated unions of the Out@Work Gender and Sexual Diversity Resource.

After several years’ of development this Out@Work resource will soon be released to provide training for union delegates and organisers. The resource was developed by Eleanor Butterworth and Mani Mitchell.

PSA seconded the motion to adopt the resource at the Biennial Conference and Out@PSA Organiser, Art Daniel, spoke to the motion.

Please see the text below:

PSA supports this remit and is committed to rolling out the Gender and Sexual Diversity Resource in PSA itself and in our workplaces. We advocate for inclusive workplace cultures where everyone’s integrity is supported and where workers are treated, and treat others, with respect. We want workplaces where members are supported, valued as individuals and able to contribute. If individuals are on the “outside” then both they and the workplace lose out. This interactive resource is a valuable and practical tool designed to achieve these outcomes for Rainbow workers. At CTU’s Out@Work Kamp this year we trialed the resource. It’s adaptable, motivating, and builds understanding. It’s an awesome, inexpensive resource. PSA urges passage of this remit.