Get involved in collective bargaining

Many PSA worksites are engaged in collective agreement bargaining this year.

Collective bargaining is one of our best opportunities to influence the working conditions for young members. 

Please ensure your voice and the voice of other youth in your workplace are represented. Some ways to do this include:

  • Attending bargaining claims meetings and raising issues relevant to you/other young members (examples could be pay parity with older workers for the same work, investment in training for young/new workers, over-use of fixed term or casual contracts, and release to attend network activities).  You can also approach a delegate directly with issues or claims
  • Become a delegate and raise issues at delegate meetings
  • Put your hand up to be on the bargaining team in negotiations.  This is a great opportunity to get involved and learn about negotiation up close with support from senior PSA delegates and organisers.  The PSA offers a range of training as well.
  • Help PSAY to develop model youth-related clauses for bargaining – email if you’re keen to be involved.