Get more involved in the PSA

Want to be a leader in the union movement? There are so many different ways.

Here are a few to consider:

  • Become a delegate! Delegates get training and support and are the front line in the PSA's quest for a better working life for our members. Delegates can work at the team, division, worksite, organisation or sector level. Most delegates are elected at annual members meetings, but there are processes to be elected in between times. Get in touch with your existing delegate to find out more.
  • Become an activist! The PSA, and the broader union movement, are always running campaigns, and there are heaps of opportunities to get involved. PSA is lucky to have many talented organisers to help and mentor you, as well as really good resources. Stay tuned to the PSA Journal and the PSA News email newsletter for opportunities to engage in PSA campaigns. If you see another organisation campaigning on an issue that is important to you, talk to them and ask how you can get involved.
  • Get involved in PSA Youth! We need people to help organise regional and national events, organise campaigns or activities, run our social media (twitter, facebook etc), help us with our communications strategy, recruit young members and student members, develop our position on PSA or union campaigns, represent us at conferences, represent us on P SA sector committees, run training seminars for other members and help us influence policy and practice in the community! No matter what your skillset, you'll have something you can contribute to PSA Youth, and it's great fun.

Contact us on if you want any more information, or talk to your local organiser.