Govt seeks to entrench zero-hour contracts

The government is pushing through yet another change to our employment laws.

While there are some aspects of it that PSA members will support, such as making paid parental leave easier to access, it is definitely a mixed bag for workers.

In particular, the government is seeking to entrench, rather than legislate against zero-hour contracts; and it is seeking to allow employers to cancel shifts at short notice without compensation for hours lost.

This may come as a surprise to the many people who sought and received reassurances from the government in recent months that they would act to end zero hour contracts.

The PSA will be sending more detailed information to all members in the coming days, including a summary of the issues and our concerns, and a link to write a submission to share your views.

Please keep an eye on your email for the next PSA update. It’s important that you take this opportunity to share your views. All PSA members have the right to tell Parliament what we think of this bad law.