Grow together, protect each other: MPI bargaining 2016

Bargaining's under way for a new Collective Agreement at MPI. Here's where you can find out all the latest information.

The current Collective Agreement expires on 30 June 2016. It's your right as a worker to join a union and bargain for pay and conditions.

At Annual Members Meetings, you told us you love working for MPI for these reasons:

  • Vocation: you feel you're making a difference
  • Collegial: it's a team environment where people work well together
  • Workplace: you like where you work and how you work

We want to make sure MPI stays a great place to work and that it values its staff. 


December 2016 - Negotiations are ongoing. The PSA has told MPI we need to report back to members, provide information on the discussions to date, and to hold members meetings around the country to seek a steer/feedback. The bargaining team will be asking members to support the PSA’s position.

We are looking to commence members meeting around mid-January 2017, and aim to get more information out to you beforehand.

July 2016 - At the AMMs, you voted in favour of the bargaining brief (the list of issues you want raised in bargaining). Your elected bargaining team has now had planning and training days, and will be meeting with MPI in late August to begin formal bargaining.

June 2016 - Annual Members Meetings (AMMs) are being held around the country where we'll discuss the bargaining brief, team and ratification procedure and ask you to endorse them. We'll advise dates and times. Bargaining is due to start in mid-July.