Guaranteed Hours - a big win for support workers

Security of work is now a possibility for CPS support workers thanks to the implementation of guaranteed hours.

Picture2In 2014 PSA and E tū took a case to the government about unpaid travel time and inadequate mileage payments for support workers. We won, which meant thousands of people working in the sector received payment and consideration of the time it took to travel between houses.

During settlement discussions around travel time everyone agreed there were larger issues that needed fixing in the sector. As a result the settlement covered travel time and costs and included a part B – Regularisation, which is being brought into effect now.

What regularisation means

Up until now the entire home support sector has run on no guaranteed hours of work. That means that at any time an employer can change how many hours someone can work. With guaranteed hours there's an agreement about how many hours of work each person will get.

A huge win for the sector

We're been working hard to get this result, which will mean more stability for people working in care and support, better qualified care for clients and proper recognition of the specialised and skilled work that is required in these jobs.

We conducted paid work meetings around the country to let support workers know exactly what guaranteed hours will mean to them.

You can access the presentation information here:

Download the presentation (Powerpoint)

Download the fact sheet (PDF)

Guaranteed hours calculation (PDF)