Have your say on effective social services

The government has put out an issues paper around productivity in in the provision of social services, and is calling for submissions on the document by 18 November.

The document outlines the intention to move towards an investment approach across the social service sector. 

This approach was implemented at Work and Income as part of the reforms in the last term of government.  What these changes at Work and Income meant was less jobs and opportunities for staff, and a change in focus to investing resource in areas that will save the government money in the longer term. 

The erosion of service has the potential to leave staff overworked and under resourced.  With the government looking to effectively introduce this plan across the public service, there are real implications for us as public servants, and the communities we live in.

There will be a number of opportunities to have your say on this proposal.  Now and until 18 November you can submit a response to the government on the questions posed in the issues paper.  The NZ Productivity Commission will use this information to develop a report with key recommendations.  There will also be opportunities to submit on this and their final report before decisions are made.

The Lower South Island PSAY regional action group are interested in coordinating a response to the government’s issues paper with a joint PSA Youth submission.  Please email psay@psa.org.nz if you’d like to be involved in this process.

Go here to read the issues paper, and find out more about responding.

Read The PSA's media release here.