Help find the missing million

In the 2011 General Election nearly one million eligible voters did not vote. Over two hundred thousand people were not even enrolled. Voter turn-out was the worst it has ever been!

PSA Youth members have told us that that you want to help mobilise this missing million.   Here are a few ways you can get involved– it’s up to you what you sign up to:      

Get Out and Vote
You’ve already heard from the PSA about the Get Out and Vote campaign. 

This is a Council of Trade Unions (CTU) coordinated campaign (that the PSA and many other unions are committed to supporting) to encourage people to vote this election.

 If you haven’t signed up already, please do so here.

This is the action we’d most love you to take!  How you support the campaign is up to you. 

You’ll be able to select tasks like talking to family, friends and/or colleagues about voting, collecting pledges to vote, promoting the campaign through social media, putting up posters at work, phoning potential voters, and signing up more volunteers. 

We’ll support you with training.