Highlights from PSA Youth 2014

2014 was a busy and successful year for PSA Youth.

 Here’s a few things we organised and achieved:

  • Four regional election-focused PSA Youth conferences and input from many PSA Youth election volunteers
  • Strong PSA Youth presence at the PSA Congress
  • Permanent free student membership (congress remit)
  • Network representation at future congresses (congress remit)
  • “Transitional membership” – agreement from the Board to extend PSA membership for a period (for free) after a member finishes work (full plan to be outlined next year)
  • Election of new PSA Youth national convenor and Upper North Island regional convenor
  • A number of regional events including workshops, planning and networking events
  • 6 PSAY members on pilot leadership development programme
  • Growth of Facebook and Twitter
  • Development of exciting plans for 2015!