In 2017 we showed yes, we care

Trigger warning: mentions suicide

This holiday season we want to share what we achieved together in our health election campaign and how you can help in 2018.

We had an ambitious goal to make our mental health crisis and health under-funding key election issues. Our eight-month campaign finished with 606 shoes, each for a Kiwi lost to suicide in the last year, arriving at Parliament. By the following day every party, except National and Act, committed to our six crowd-sourced election health pledges. By election day, media said health and mental health were top election issues.

One of our wins was getting an independent inquiry into our mental health in early 2018. We need your help to ensure it results in the change we need.

Here’s how together we did it:

Trigger warning: video mentions suicide

Trigger warning: video mentions suicide

How you can help in 2018

  • Continue to support bereaved families to build a national organisation. Sign up here.
  • Support Kiwis to take part in the mental health inquiry. It will begin in early 2018. Sign up here.
  • Support people working in health and mental health. We should be treated with respect, be paid enough to thrive and not just survive, and have safe workloads. Join the PSA here.

Enjoy your holidays season, and know we are very grateful for your support.


Simon Oosterman

On behalf of the PSA Campaign Team and coalition.