In the thick of it - seminar series

In April we are featuring speakers who will discuss the Official Information Act.


2014 presenters included (clockwise, from left): Iain Rennie, Nicola Gaston, Sandra Grey, Nicky Hager, Matthew Palmer

What’s happening with pay in the Public Service?

In this seminar CTU economist Bill Rosenberg set in context the movement in public what’s happening with pay in the wider economy.

Some of his findings:

•    Since 2009 to 2014 wages have not kept pace with the rise in productivity

•    Labour costs have risen more in the private sector than the state sector

•    Workers on a collective employment agreement are twice as likely to get a pay increase than those who are not.

Download the presentation here.

PSA policy adviser Kirsten Windelov looked specifically at pay in the public sector.

Some of her findings:

•    Public sector agencies are not funded for increases in rates of pay or progression

•    In a 2013 survey of 16,000 public sector workers less than a quarter (23.9%) agreed that there is a strong link between how they perform and the likelihood of receiving a pay increase.

•    Public service pay is increasingly losing relativity with pay in the private sector.

•    In 2014 the gender pay was lowest in Corrections and highest in Defence. The State Services Commission had a high gender pay gap than most public services agencies.

Download the presentation here.

Past seminars

Click below to read the speeches or watch videos of our previous In the Thick of It lunchtime seminars. Future seminars will be added to this list as they become available.

Tuesday 28 October, 2014

Nicky Hager on why it’s important that public sector workers have the right to be politically active – but why many think they can’t be.

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Wednesday 12 November, 2014

Matthew Palmer QC on what’s gone wrong with the relationship between ministers and public servants – why it matters, and what needs to be done to fix it.

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Wednesday 3 December, 2014

Nicola Gaston and Sandra Grey, Victoria University, on whether public funding is shutting down the voices of scientists, NGOs, health and other experts.

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Wednesday 10 December, 2014

In the final of the first seminar series Iain Rennie, head of the State Services Commission, talked frankly about integrity in the state sector and what this should mean for people working for a department or government-funded agency.

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In this seminar Helen Wyn, deputy chief executive policy in the Department of the Prime Minister, talks about the Policy Project, a system-wide approach to improve the quality of policy advice.

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In this seminar New Zealand Herald journalist David Fisher talks about the difficulty of getting information from government departments and how the release of information requested under the Official Information Act is often manipulated for political reasons.

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With the Ombudsman's review of the Official information Act(OIA)  currently underway, Leo Donnelly, Deputy Ombudsman, talks about how the OIA is working from his perspective.

Heidi Hensen on how government workplaces are changing. Heidi currently works with the Property Management Centre of Expertise (PMCoE) as their Workplace Strategy and Change Management advisor. 
She has spent the last 10 years partnering with organisations to create great places to work that support what the business is trying to achieve, its culture and how people actually work.

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