Insecure Work

Report back from PSAY Hui participant-led workshop (Caleb Gordon & Eleanor Haggerty-Drummond)

DSC06854Insecure work has become a perennial topic of conversation; only last week we were writing about its impact in PSAY’s submission to the Employment Standards Bill. The ambition of this session at hui was to frame the conversation around insecure work – including how to talk about an issue so large and diverse, and how to push back against insecure work.

Participants were passionate, engaged and honestly angry at the poor employment relationships and plain injustices insecure work has bred. We discussed the amazing campaign led by Unite and First Unions against zero hour contracts and other strategies like the Living Wage Movement.

The main action was the creation of an ongoing working group - the structure, format and operation of which is still yet to be determined. If you want to join the conversation get in touch , and let’s see if we can find solutions to some of the most significant obstacles young workers are facing.