Interested in mentoring?

The PSA Youth convenors are considering priorities for the year, and one thing we’d like to know is how much interest PSA Youth members have in receiving or providing mentoring.

Mentoring is about sharing knowledge, experience and wisdom with someone else who is keen to benefit from this exchange.  The PSA is interested in pairing up members and offering mentoring to people who are interested in leadership roles (delegate, sector committee, board, network convenor, etc) within the PSA.  PSA Youth are also interested in the potential for mentoring to support young members with career development.

Mentoring involves regular meetings and is usually done between two individuals where one is the mentor and the other the mentee.  However it is also possible to do peer to peer mentoring (where both participants take turns playing mentor and mentee) and group mentoring, where people mentor each other in a group situation.

The PSA provides mentoring training for people who are interested in becoming a mentor.  We can also put members who are interested in being mentored, in touch with a trained mentor.