Introducing your new Upper North Island convenor

Congratulations to Cory Anderson from Auckland Council, who is your new Upper North Island regional convenor.

Cory AndersonWe would like to thank Temira Rissetto for all her great work and contribution to the network.

 A word from Cory:

"Hi there!  I put my hand up for the Upper North Island convenor of PSA Youth because I believe passionately in building inclusive grass-roots unionism.  Unions are the biggest voluntary organisations in the country, and our involvement counts for more than we sometimes think.  Through the union, we can have a say on workplace issues that affect us every day and have a positive influence in the world beyond work too.

I've been involved with the PSA Youth network since I joined the union last year.  Attending last year's national conference and this year's Upper North Island planning day was a great crash-course on getting involved in the union. Previous to being a PSA member I've been involved in a range of causes, including the campaigns to end youth rates and raise the minimum wage, as well campaigning on student issues in my time at Otago University.

My goal as convener of PSA Youth in the Upper North Island is to encourage more young PSA members to step forward and take an active role.  I want to organize more events for members and really want to hear what you would like to do.  I'm also keen to help build PSA Youth beyond Auckland, and would like ideas on how we can support our members in "the regions."  If you have an idea for something you want to see in Auckland or beyond, contact me!

Finally, if you haven't signed up as a volunteer for this year's "Get Out and Vote" campaign, go to and do so!".