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This Wednesday Ministry of Justice members are going on strike for better pay and conditions.

Send in your own letter of support to standtogether@psa.org.nz


Stand together and don’t accept anything less than 100% of your worth.


Please pass on my support for MoJ members. 

In solidarity

Andy Colwell

PSA member and delegate

District Health Board sector


Please pass on my best wishes to the Ministry of Justice teams who are aiming to take industrial action this week. 

Thanks for all your hard work in support of the Justice System of NZ. 

Hope you get appropriate support from your employer soon.

Great idea


Kia ora PSA at MOJ,

 Wanted to wish you the best for your planned industrial action this week!  Do hope that you will experience an understanding response from those clients/stakeholders who are impacted by the outage; that this courageous choice will create positive awareness around the challenges that you face; and that the MOJ will take your action as a clear proof of how serious you are in desiring fairer conditions for your members.

I've read through the PSA and MOJ's respective presentations relating to the ongoing remuneration discussions, and although it appeared the employer had made some genuine efforts to achieve clear communications and to address some of the problems highlighted by the Union, I was genuinely concerned by the conditions they were proposing?  In particular, as regards the following points....

*  Comparison of remuneration ranges across public sector: Just in comparing the proposed pay bands for the MOJ to those within the government department where I myself work, which is certainly not an overpaid environment, I felt that the remuneration levels for MOJ employees as a collective would still be comparatively poor under the proposed new system when contrasted with other public sector environments?  (With particular concerns around several specific roles, eg Court Victim Advisor).  Market benchmarking via Hay job evaluation/job-sizing is the norm within government but I'd seriously question the equivalence of the bands some of these roles are being slotted into.  Do these ratings accurately reflect the range of skills required for these positions, as well as the nature of the risk environment (both physical & psychosocial) in which these personnel are working?

* Generally low remuneration levels across the Ministry: Given how essential the work of the MOJ's employees is to the maintenance of a healthy and safe society within Aotearoa/New Zealand, I was not happy to see how little that work appears to be valued, at least as reflected by the base remuneration they are offered? Given those concerns, I was then unsurprised to read the PSA's assertions that the Ministry currently has the third-lowest average salary figure in the state sector, and that nearly 2/3 of MOJ staff feel undervalued in their ongoing work.  If the total funding allocated to the MOJ is limited enough to require this kind of systematic undervaluing of its staff members' professional contributions, that seems like a fairly significant issue of wider public concern, which needs further highlighting and on which we all need to engage as voters and taxpayers?

* Scope of remuneration ranges:  In a similar vein, I was distressed to note that the proposed MOJ pay system would allow for staff members to be positioned as low as 80% within their remuneration range.  It's positive to read that the MOJ may be moving further away from a purely performance-linked approach to pay, as hopefully this may help slightly alleviate the perennial problem of staff being clustered at the lower end of each range in such a system.  However, considering my own agency have just gone through a fairly difficult process to try and bring majority of our staff up to 90% of range as a minimum, I remained seriously concerned about a system which would allow for such low entry points within range.  Particularly when the ranges themselves seem to be, quite frankly, underpaying across the board?  

* Proposed transition mode: It seemed to me that this problem of MOJ remuneration bands potentially being 'pitched' too low could only be further exacerbated by the proposed transition process, which we're advised by the PSA would involve a dollar-to-dollar transfer, not a point-in-range to point-in-range equivalence.  Even the alternative (85%) counter-proposed by the PSA seemed worryingly low to me as a minimum PIR, and I can only imagine that having such a low bottom-point for each range would be significant contributing factor to ongoing issues of gendered pay gaps within the Ministry?

* Lack of clarity re backdating: The MOJ presentation mentioned a past history of not "being able to" backdate changes in staff remuneration, and did not make any explicit or implicit commitment to being "able to" apply backdating to any ratified agreement which might be signed off in the current negotiation round.  I found this concerning, particularly in light of how long the current negotiations have extended?

Very best wishes as you continue to pursue a just and equitable solution.

Dear Fellow Members at the MOJ

I am supporting you big time as you take action for the improved working conditions and remuneration that you so justly deserve (pun intended).

There are many people like myself who truly care about you and sincerely want the best outcome for you.

Kia kaha. In solidarity and with warmest wishes,

Stand strong and make
sure you get your worth ………. not just what they offer

We are thinking of you.  Have a strong voice and be united together supporting each other.  We support you.

Kia kaha!  Fa’amalosi ‘aua le fefe!


Hang in there team. Actions worked well for MBIE so keep at it and we are all behind you


I support the Ministry of Justice employees in their decision to take industrial action due to their employer’s refusal to offer an acceptable collective agreement.  I hope this action will convince Ministry of Justice to give its employees a fair collective agreement which guarantees them reasonable remuneration and working conditions.

All the very best with your decision to take industrial action.    I support you all wholeheartedly.

It is very important that we stand together with sincerity and commitment.

Hold your heads up high, stand tall and be counted.

To my fellow PSA members at the MOJ,

Supporting you all the way.  A fair deal is the least that any employer can give to their employees, and the lack of this from the Ministry of Justice is hypocritically unjust.  I know this action will be something you have worked hard to avoid, and am sorry to hear that it has come to this for you.

I hope your bosses come to their senses soon, and give you the deal you deserve.

In solidarity!

When I read about your situation I was appalled that you are having to resort to industrial action in order to achieve a fair deal.  Your work is valued and members deserve better.  I am right behind you in this.  It’s 125 since the suffrage movement achieved the vote for women, however, in 2018 we still can’t get near closing the gender gap.   I’d love to come down to the court to support you in person but I am finishing work on Friday after being made redundant and have to teach temporary staff how to do my job.

Good luck with your ongoing struggles.


I wish to send my thoughts to you in support of your bargaining with your employer.  I hope there is a resolution to this for all of you.

Striking is worth it in the long run and will make a difference!

Thinking of you all.

Kia Kaha from your Stats NZ Brothers and Sisters

Sending this message of support hope all goes well on the day.

Hey everyone,

I am sorry to hear that you you guys are still fighting the fight.

I know how we felt while we were taking our action here at IR.

I would like to wish you all the best for the continued fight.

I found out just how strong my colleagues here in IR felt about standing together and staying strong.

Like you we were prepared to continue to fight and let our feelings be known to management.

We all have kids to feed, Drs Bills, Power Bills etc to pay for and it can get really hard at times to make ends meet.

So keep going.

Stand strong.

We are all still with you.

Cheers all.

Together we stand – Divided we fall

You have a cause to fight for and I support you,.

We will support you for your stance upon this cause.


Dear MoJ staff,


You are worth it! Standing up for yourselves is not new for you, you have been doing the right thing since May, so keep strong.


It isn’t right that you should be forced into the streets instead of receiving a fair offer from the employer.


All the best regards for the optimum outcome ♥